31 Days of Halloween- Day One: Hatchet II

I’m a girl who loves her zombie movies. I also have a special place in my heart for horror anthologies. But when it comes down to the gory in-your-face splatter movies…I turn into the giddiest, geekiest person in the theater. 

Tonight, I got to be that person again. 

Today is the release of Adam Green’s Hatchet II and being a fan of the first film, I’ve been waiting for this sequel from the very second Hatchet ended. 

Hatchet II picks up right from the end of the first film. Marybeth (now played by Danielle Harris) escapes the grasp of Victor Crowley and gets back to safety. She feels unsettled that her family’s remains is in Victor’s shack and wants to have them laid to rest and she wants to destroy Victor forever. 

Marybeth learns that her family is connected to Victor’s death from Rev. Zombie (Tony Todd). He gathers a group of hunters and fishermen to finally take out Victor but he has ulterior motives planned for Marybeth and her Uncle Bob.

Hatchet II toned down the comical approach from first film and made it more dramatic. The “old school” horror take turned more into a darker straight forward horror film. We get to know more history on Victor and the curse that followed him in his short life. 

I couldn’t be more happy that Green was able to release this just the way it should be seen…uncut, uncensored and unrated! All up in my face! 

This film is perfectly packaged for horror fans. The cameos are great, the storyline was in sync with the first film and oh yeah….did I mention the sugary gore? 120 plus gallons of fake blood was used and I loved every spillage of it! 

As I normally fear that a sequel cannot live up to it’s first, I was not disappointed at all by Hatchet II. Not knowing if anymore films will follow, I can say that I’m extremely satisfied how this turned out and I think everyone needs to go see it now!

So…..go see it!!!! 

5 thoughts on “31 Days of Halloween- Day One: Hatchet II

  1. Overall I think I liked the first movie more than the second, but that's just because I enjoyed all the comedy. The second was definitely still awesome.

    I have learned that I am totally freaked out by someone attacking someone's jaw/mouth area but not so much intestines or removal of limbs/decapitation. Go figure that one out.

    Did you notice Danielle Harris' eyebrows? They were totally crooked and it was really distracting at some parts.

  2. HOLY SHIT! My friend and I had a moment when we both looked at each other and was like “WTF is wrong with her eyebrows?” Haha.

    And I thought the jaw scene was so effin' amazing!

    I'm so very happy that you dug both of them 🙂

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