Friday Film Recommendations: Oct 1st

Happy Friday everyone and Happy October! For all of us horror fans, this is our Christmas! Woot. 

So anyway, let’s start the month off with a mix of awesome movies!


In this apocalyptic thriller, a deadly bird-flu like infection has spread across the world. Friends are traveling across the US trying to find a safe, clean place to call home. The group try their best at staying away from the infected and from turning on each other. Does that work out for them?….Well, not exactly…. 

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Monkey Shines 

A dude gets into an accident leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. He gets a spiffy helper monkey to feed him and junk but then they form a special bond and the monkey decides to kill for him. He’s not down with that and the monkey starts messin’ up his shit. 

This is one of my favorite non-zombie Romero films and the ending seriously cracks me up endlessly even though it’s not supposed to. Good times. 

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A rocker vamp loses the love of his life centuries ago. She was killed and he did nothing about it so he is forced to live the curse of seeing her reborn and killed yet ago. He finally bones up and tries to save her before it’s too late. Fun flick with Dean Cameron as the star. 

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The ‘Burbs

What happens when an overworked dude spends a week at home and has nothing better to do than to spy on his new neighbors? Well, awesomeness happens!!! No need to say how classic this movie is and I love that it’s the perfect comedic version of Rear Window

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Just One of the Guys 

A chick’s all pissed because she thinks dudes get a better deal in life than us chicks (right?) So she dudes it up, enrolls in another high school so she can pass off her lady journalistic skills in a man’s world as a dude…to get a scholarship. She learns that being a dude isn’t as fun as it seems when she has chicks all over her nonexistent stick and she falls for her guy friend that doesn’t know that’s she packing twang. 

Another one of my guilty pleasure 80’s movies. 

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American Psycho 2

A not so masterful follow-up to the first film but still a playful take on a girl serial killing ruling a college campus. Even better ya’ll…it’s got Shatner in it. Ohh yeah! 

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Class of 1999 II: The Substitute 

Another follow-up movie, a cyborg is out to rough up bad students. They totally deserve it but the cyborg gets all crazy-like and needs to be destroyed. Dun dun dunnnn.

And ya’ll… it’s got Cody from Step by Step in it! Ohh yyyeaah. 

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Have a great weekend everyone and check out my daily “31 Days of Halloween” posts coming up all month long. 

5 thoughts on “Friday Film Recommendations: Oct 1st

  1. I need to watch The 'Burbs again. When I was young I didn't like it, but I think I just didn't get the dark humor at the time. Considering how much I love Rear Window (I even liked Disturbia) I think I'd have to appreciate it more now.

    Are you going to be doing a review today?

  2. Aww, Just One of the Guys. That movie still rocks. “Are those what I think they are? Where do you get off having tits?” I seriously love this film but but can't figure out how they never realized it was a woman.

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