31 Days of Halloween Returns!

So October is nearing and I couldn’t be more thrilled that my favorite time of year is here again and I get to indulge pumpkin shaped candy and horror movies. 

So one of my yearly traditions is that I watch a horror movie a day and since starting this blog, I write about it. So with a maxed out Tivo and a pile of unwatched movies, I’m set to kick off this tradition with style. 

With my endless amount of options this month, I also want any recommendations ya’ll can throw at me. I’m always up for checking out new stuff even if it’s assy movies. 

So while I work on my movie watching schedule, feel free to post some suggestions and I’ll add them to my list.

On the list so far is:

  • Distortion 
  • Hellementary
  • Sharktopus
  • How to Make a Monster
  • Village of the Giants
  • Supersition
  • Vault of Horror
  • I Sell The Dead
  • Monsters
  • Dial H for Hitchcock
  • Frailty
  • The Blob (1958)
  • The Wolf Man (1941)
  • Don’t Answer the Phone
  • The Town that Dreaded Sundown
  • The Birds
  • The Thing from Another World
And as a special part of a 24 hour horror marathon I will be attending, I get to watch the awesomeness that is: 

  • Phantom of the Opera 
  • The Raven 
  • Season of the Witch
  • Killer Klowns from Outer Space
  • Rabid
  • Basket Case
  • Pet Sematary 
  • The Funhouse
  • House by the Cemetery
  • Theater of Blood
  • Psycho
  • Fright Night

Ok, now my giddiness can begin! 

4 thoughts on “31 Days of Halloween Returns!

  1. It is physically impossible for me to tell you how bad I want to see Sharktopus….Would like to see Psycho and Pet Cemetary sometime as well. But Sharktopus has captured my imagination in ways that only Giant Sark vs. Mega Octopus has before it.

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