Film Wise # 503

Hello all, it’s Invisibles time! 

Let’s start off with last week’s HERE

I’m not so disappointed that I sucked last week because I’ve only seen Bottle Rocket and Deliverance once and it was many a-years ago. 

This week’s quiz is HERE

I redeemed myself from last week and scored a 4/8. I’m sure I know at least 2 more of these but eh. 

I got #3,4,5, and 8.

Ok, how ya’ll do? 

10 thoughts on “Film Wise # 503

  1. +JMJ+

    I got a 4/8, too!

    My guesses for 2, 4, 5 and 7 were most likely the right ones. I gave 6 a shot, too, but I guess that was wrong. =P

    And last week's one was so bad for me, too! I had seen exactly one of the movies and didn't even remember it. =(

  2. I try to rule. It's true. 🙂

    Some clues, since I can…

    #1 is a thriller that promotes rocking something (not to be confused with robbing the same thing)
    #2 is all about Bryan Adams, i think
    #3 features a musical number, a monologue about World War II, and a funny face contest
    #4 features dirty pillows
    #5 features newspaper reporters
    #6 shares its title with something in the picture
    #7 is about a roadtrip and false Kings.
    #8 convinced me there are toothpaste detectives.

  3. +JMJ+

    THANK YOU, The Mike! =D

    But I'm afraid 6/8 is it for me. (Still, it's the best I've ever done!)

    #1 actually features one of my favourite psycho villains, but it has been so long since I've seen it, that I don't even remember this scene.

    And I thought #2 was the second movie, the one not “all about Bryan Adams.” Or does it not matter, since they have the same title, anyway?

  4. Oh, maybe 2 is the one that's newer. I am drawn to Bryan Adams, so I just assumed.

    What do you have left? 3 and 6? They're both 4 letter words that could have something to do with your mouth.

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