Friday Film Recommendations: Sept 24th

Happy Friday All! Let’s rock this weekend out with some streamin’ movies shall we? Ok, here goes: 

The Warriors

Gang members, The Warriors are framed for shooting a gang leader trying to keep the peace between all groups. The other gangs  declare it open season on the Warriors’ asses. They fight their way through the city to make it back home to their turf on Coney Island.

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Demonic Toys

From the collection of awesomely terrible Full Moon movies, Demonic Toys is yet another over the top kill thrill movie. Evil toys come to life, shit goes down and well, it’s stupid fun.

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In this squishy movie, earthworms are drawn to the surface after a storm causes power lines to hit the ground, making the worms rise out all hungry-like. The worms go on a mad phat attack out to feast on human flesh. Nom.

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Troll 2

To write about what this movie is about is like me trying to figure out why I can’t get my hair to work for me in the morning. Just damn unexplainable.

The only thing you need to know is, this is the best worst movie. I recommend you get a bunch of friends, a few cases of beer and the snacks of your choice and enjoy this terrible wondrous movie for all of it’s nonsensical glory.

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Over the Top

Before seeing this movie, I thought arm wrestling is just what jocks did to see who got the last slice of pizza. Little did I know that arm wrestling was a hard-effin’-core extreme sport!

Sly Stallone is a truck driver trying to get his life together. After his wife dies he tries to reconnect with his estranged son. The son doesn’t think too much of him so Sly’s all “Dude, I’m totally going to teach you how to arm wrestle and we’ll like, go to Vegas and I’ll show you how so effin’ bad ass I am at it. For reals yo!”

And that’s the movie. It’s awesome.

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Alone in the Dark

Uwe Boll…. enough said?

Well this one is based on a video game about an investigator exploring creepy supernatural stuff… sold yet?

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Open Your Eyes
This cerebral film is about a playa hottie finally finding the right girl to fall in love with but ploop, an accident takes away his hotness leaving him a broken man stuck in a fucked up nightmare. Open Your Eyes is the Spanish original to Vanilla Sky.

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Have a great weekend everyone! 

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