Closure Review

Closure, the first full length play by Jake Perry, is about four estrange friends reuniting after a tragic death. 

Dennis and Catherine visit Matt’s remote cabin during Labor Day weekend to break the news that their friend Maria has died. The four have not been together for 5 years and the pent up anger, heartbreak and some semblance of good times from the past all flood through this dramatic two act play. 

The strength of the performances between Catherine (Sarah Brooks), Dennis (Austin Talley) and Matt (Jake Perry) is undeniably impacting. I found myself laughing at Dennis’ wall-building jokes, feeling Catherine internal pain and struggle and affected by Matt’s solitary character. 

I had my fair share of broken friendships and relationships and viewing this play gave me the full perspective and all the emotional aspects of the ups and down of what closure can bring to things in our past. 

Closure is playing in Chicago at the Viaduct Theatre 

If you’re in the Chicago area, see Closure for it’s final weekend Sept 23-26th. 

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