Friday Film Recommendations: Sept 17th

Happy Friday everyone! Ready to watch some super awesome flicks on your streaming devices? Pfft, of course you are. Here’s this week’s FFR

The Haunting in Connecticut 

A family moves to a cheap ass but nice lookin’ house in order to save money and be close to the doctor for the son’s cancer treatments. The family starts experiencing eerie supernatural forces and find out that the home was previously a mortuary and some serious shit went down in there years ago.

I think it should be known to everyone on the planet, if you’re offered an awesome house for super cheap, people died there. You don’t need to ask the Realtor or do your research, automatically assume that people were killed there and ghosts are haunting it. 

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

A journalist trying to crack a 40-year old murder case gets the help of a hardcore rebel hacker chick. 

I’m so thrilled I finally got the chance to catch this. Yes, a lot of the stuff is a bit graphic but overall it’s a damn good film so check it out yo. 

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Vampire’s Kiss 

After spending a night out bar hopping, Peter picks up a hot chick and has a wild night with her and in the process she bites his neck. He wakes up all out of sorts and decides “Dude, I must be vampire…hiisssssss.” 

I saw a clip of this years before I saw the movie and it was of Nic Cage running around screaming “I’m a vampire!” and hissing at people. The first thing I thought was “haha he’s so not even acting. Oh Nic Cage, you so crazzzyy” And if you actually watch the movie, you’ll think the same thing too. 

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Sometimes They Come Back

Based on a Stephen King short, a teacher moves his family back to his peaceful childhood hometown. He thinks everything is chill until he is haunted by the dudes who killed his brother when he was a kid. When his students start disappearing and the ghost guys appearing in their place, shit gets real. 

This is one of King’s most subtle films and I always kind of dug it so it’s good stuff. 

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Think of Romeo and Juliet/West Side Story but with effin’ skateboards ya’ll! This super awesome, very dated flick has the great hot Josh Brolin as Corey, the Valley skater kid trying to break into the L.A. hardcore skate scene. 

Oh man, remember when skateboarding used to be like super ultra hot? Well… at least I remember those days and they were good days. 

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A chick believes that her dorm room is haunted by a ghost of a little girl, so she thinks having a seance will get rid of her. Of course things are never that simple and she releases something else even more dun dun dun evil!

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A doctor’s mistake causes an infection of people’s insides liquefying. This infection stirs some shit up for the hospital’s night crew. 

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Have a great weekend all! 

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