Breaking Down Door for the Love of Film: Metanoia Fundraiser

Hello my dear blogging friends and readers,

As someone who lives to watch movies, I fully support every aspect of the filmmaking process. I don’t know shit about pointing a camera, setting a mood or even acting but I admire all the folk who pull it off.

As a fan of film, I am also friends with people who are in the film industry. One such friend entered a horror short film contest all with a budget of nothing. During filming a glass door was broken and now that little film cost 600 bucks. Lame, yes I know.

Although my friend did win the contest (posters and such but no cash) he is left in debt to pay for the broken door.

So now he is having a fundraiser to raise money for the door (local friends if you’re interested in attending, it’s on the 18th, the info is on the flyer above or you can email me for more details)

As a friend and as someone who support indie filmmakers I would like to help out and ask for your help in return.

As my first step to help raise money, I’m selling a few things on Ebay. Hardcore collectors or autograph whores may be interested in this stuff but I’m giving ya’ll a crack at it first. I’m listing the items below. If you are interested in anything you see, contact me at and we’ll work something out before I put the items up on Ebay by the end of the week. 

As a bonus, if you buy something pre-Ebay, I’ll ship the item to you for free. Yep free shipping!

Item: Hollywood Monster Hardcover Book signed with a drawing by Robert Englund! 

Item: The Wicker Man Wood Box 2- Disc Set Dvd Out of Print and unopened 

Items: Masters of Horror Episodes Signed by directors Mick Garris, Don Coscareili, Stuart Gordon, Joe Dante and John Carpenter! 

If none of my stuff interests you (sorrryyy) but yet you would still like to help. You could do the honor of passing along this information to other friends that may be interested and of course, if you would like to donate anything, that would be awesome.

I know that we would all rather spent our money on dvds and blu-rays and all things awesome but even if you only have a penny to spare, then hey, it all adds up in the end!

I hate thinking of all the fantastic films that couldn’t be made because of pffft money but it sad to see a film made with no money yet still get shafted to cough up some dough. 

So my fellow folk, if you would like to help us reach our goal of 600 dollars by Sept 18th, any and all of your help is much appreciated and my love will go out to you!

Thanks xoxo

Also check out the trailer for the short film below

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