Friday Film Recommendations: August 27th

Happy Friday All! Here are this week’s Friday picks. 

The Crazies

A man-made virus is accidentally unleashed in a small PA town causing the infected town folk to become insane and murderous. Dun dun dunnn. 

It’s Romero films like these that make me appreciate his work more because it shows that he has more to offer outside the realm of zombies. 

Also if you’re interested in checking out the remake, it isn’t bad (other than one thing that really annoys me but I won’t get into that here) and it doesn’t tarnish the original. 

The Exorcist II: The Herectic

The follow up to the amazing first film, troubled Regan is dealing with the repressed memories of her exorcism meanwhile she still has a demon all up in her. 

The Last Exorcism is out this week so if you want prep yourself for some exercising fun, then check this and the first film out. 


I will admit that I haven’t seen this spoofy Twilight flick ….yet but when I first heard about it a few months ago, it struck my interest. First of all, it has the word “taint” in it. Yeah, I giggled, WHAT? And before the recent Vampires Suck release I thought spoofs were good fun. (PS I haven’t seen Vampires Suck, but it looked so bad I turned down screening passes). 

Since it did so well at the box office I guess there’s a market for this sort of thing so meh, maybe this one is actually funny…. Eh?… eh?


I’m happy that though I’m kinda, sorta, just a little short, I never had to suffer the prejudice of not being able to get on a cool riding hence wishing that I were “big.” 

By the way, I would have said “I wish I were taller” to make sure my wish didn’t get screwed up.  

So I’m recommending this classic that we all grew up watching and wishing that we had a big ass giant piano to dance around on. Damn, I still want one. 

Family Guy: Vol One

Remember when Family Guy was awesome? Well maybe it still is, I don’t watch it anymore but I’m all for the awesomeness of the show way back when so here’s volume one from way back when. 


The original “The Grudge” film, this super freaked me out when I first saw it that little pale ass kid = *shudders* I also really dug this more than the remake. There’s an intertwining story that takes place in the future that I kind of wish played more into the remake. Anyway, good times. 

Blood Surf

Think of Surf Ninjas only without the ninjas and with gynormous croc. This is a fun craptastic scific flick. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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