Film Wise #498

Hello folks. It’s time again for this week’s invisible people in movies fun time.

First up, last week’s answers are HERE

I’m pretty disappointed in myself because I should have gotten half of those but oh well….

And now this week’s is right…HERE

I rank in at a sad 2/8. 

I got #3 and #8. I feel like I should know 2 and 5 but grrr. Nothing’s coming to me.

Ok, you know the drill, post your score, ask for help, etc. 

9 thoughts on “Film Wise #498

  1. +JMJ+

    I guessed four and got two, which is kind of good, considering that I was sure of only one! =P

    I feel bad that I don't know the animated #8, because I usually get all the “toons.” I'll ask my younger brothers for help on that one and come back.

  2. 4 out of 8!
    I never know which ones I actually got right but I'm guessing it was #1, 2, 8, and possssibly 6. But I guessed on everything else so who knows.

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