Friday Film Recommendations: Aug 20th

Happy Friday All! 

Welcome to another week of random movie picks and my sidekick T.M.’s notable quotable commentary. 

Headless Horseman

Mix college kids looking to party and the legend of the headless horseman and here you have this movie. 

I’m starting the selection off with some awfully awesome cheese. I watch the last part of this movie on the Syfy channel one day and I couldn’t stop watching. Yes, it was so bad that I was drawn to it and had to see how the remaining kids would survive the night. Did they? Well if you’re bored and looking for a time filler, check it out. 

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This is a great live-action follow-up to Disney’s cartoon Peter Pan. 
I would like to say that I really loved Hook and how it took me back to when I used to watch Peter Pan all the time but; it’s all about Rufio! 

Dustin Hoffman was amazing as Captain Hook but the Lost Boys stole the movie for me and of course *sigh* Rufio. I mean, the boy got his own followers chanting his name. I was feeling it. 

As a bonus, if you’re curious to know what’s up with Rufio today (and I know you are) check out this post on Whatever Happened to Rufio?

T.M.– “Hook! Yay Ru-fi-oooo. Oh man, Dustin Hoffman was the awesome sauce drizzled all over my man sandwich with a side of Bob Hoskins. (Mario)”

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Taxi Driver

Now for a more serious, seriously awesome pick, I went with a Scorsese classic. Not sure what I can say about this other than it’s pretty incredible so if you haven’t seen it yet then do it!

T.M.- “Man, Robert De Niro seriously goes freak tweak fuckin’ crazy. But is kinda bad ass doing it…no, super bad, bad ass…yeah.” 

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100 Feet

A chick kills her abusive cop husband and is sentenced to house arrest for the murder. She’s all relieved that he’s gone and she’s getting used to her swanky ankle bracelet but then poof, the husband comes back in CGI ghost form.

I’ve only seen about half of this and yes, the CGI is pretty effin’ awful but ignoring that this movie isn’t terrible. 

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Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles: Season 1

I’m happy to see this and the other seasons on Watch Instantly because I never gave it a fair shot when it originally aired. I did enjoy the pilot episode but then life got in the way and blah blah blah, I never keep up with the show. So now is my time and yours to catch up with the show. Plus, robots blowing up stuff is always awesome in my book.

T.M.-  Christian Slater, Donald Sutherland, Ellen, William Shatner, Brad Pitt, the first girl I ever kissed, Justin Beiber, the Spice Girls, Will Smith and Fergie… all definitely not terminator robots. Confirmed…. Well maybe the first girl I ever kissed and some of the Spice Girls [are]”  

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Bram Stoker’s Dracula

In the horror genre, there have been many great, good, so-so actors playing Dracula. Out of all of them, no one does it for quite like Gary Oldman. Mmmmm…. yeah…ahem, anyway, that’s why I threw this pick in this week. 

T.M.– “Remember that one scene with Dracula’s three sexy ass wives and Keanu Reeves and they kinda get it on and bite him and stuff? And remember that one other scene where there’s a werewolf and it gets it on hardcore with that one other really sexy girl that was friends with Winona Ryder? Yeah, that was weird.”

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Wicked Little Things

The spirits(?) of children who died in a mining accident come back to haunt a family. 

This was apart of the first year of “8 Films to Die For” and it was the only movie I really wanted to see because Tobe Hooper was originally attached to it. Also the one-sheet looked pretty sweet. So I went out in the freezing cold to see the one viewing of this and came out in freezing-er cold disappointed. I was very confused by what exactly the children were. I guess zombies because they ate flesh but they were kind of vampires too because they couldn’t come out in the day time. But then they were ghosts too or something. So confused. Anyway, check it out if you’re interested and help me pinpoint what the kids were. 

T.M.– “Ghost vampires! How does that exist?! Wouldn’t it float right through you when it tried to bite you? Oh Nicki, why do you watch films that can never possibly be real? “

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I hope everyone has a great weekend and for all of us that plan on seeing Piranha 3-D, let’s hope it doesn’t blow! 

3 thoughts on “Friday Film Recommendations: Aug 20th

  1. I can' believe how popular Rufio is, he's become like a pop culture, counterculture (pop counterculture?) figure in the vein of Che Guevara.

    Thanks for link!

  2. Some great film picks! I own Wicked Little Things and love it! Zombie kids…sigh, reminds me of when my zom-springs were little.
    Hook…really good movie, even if the editing is a bit off and the sets are amazingly over done, you can't help but love it.
    Run home Jack, run home Jack…\
    As for Rufio/Dante Brasco, check him out in the 2006 film, Take the Lead…boy can dance!

    Love Bram Stoker's Dracula…except for Winona and Keanu..ugh, but Oldman is incredible!!

    Taxi Driver…man, is that a great film or what?
    Dreaded Dreams
    Petunia Scareum

  3. I love Taxi Driver so much! Hadn't seen it in awhile but got to see it this past week on the big screen for my birthday so I'm glad you mentioned it.

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