Friday Film Recommendations: Aug 13th

Happy Friday Folks! And Happy Friday the 13th. Dun dun dunnnnnnn!!! 

T.M. and I are have some super awesome recommendations for you this week, so queue up your XBox, Wii, computers, etc. 

Swamp Thing

What happens when you mix a man with a plant? Ta-da, you get a swamp…thing. 

When a botanical doc is exposed to his lab experiment gone wrong, he is transformed into the Swamp Thing. His rival wants to capture him and study his swampiness but he and hottie Adrienne Barbeau won’t let that happen! 

A great quirky B flick directed by Wes Craven and based on the DC comic. 

T.M.- Hummed along the theme to Batman but changed all the words to “Swamp Thing.” 

Watch Now 

The Haunting of Molly Hartley 

If you’re in the mood for a mediocre teen-esque possession movie, and hey we all get into some weird moods sometime, then check this one out. I caught this in a random “I’m bored, what’s on” mood and it’s what you would expect from a WB-type, watered down type of movie so it served a purpose for my mood. 

Molly Hartley and her dad try to start anew after Molly’s mom tried to kill her then was sent away to a nut house. Molly tries to put the past behind her, but some freaky shit starts happening and she is…haunted by something unknown. 

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Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Can we all say CLASSIC! If you’ve seen this already (to those who haven’t go below and watch it now!) it’s impossible to not quote a few line or for guys loop that swimming pool scene. 

Seeing that this was available on Watch Instantly made me want to instantly put this on my list. 

T.M.- “Righteous bucks! I haven’t seen that fuckin’ flick in ages!” 

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Mortal Kombat: The Movie

So Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is coming out this weekend *cough..go see it..cough* and I couldn’t resist throwing this recommendation in honor of the whole video game movie thing..thing. I’ve never actually seen this but I remember it being a big deal when I was younger and hey, it’s looks fun…right? 

T.M.- *humming along the theme song* “I love how in the trailer they name of all the characters with the music….Lu Kang, Johhny Cage, Sonja, Jax, Motaro…oh wait that was the trailer for the second one.” 

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The Land Before Time

I had a random moment where I thought about this wonderful film then poof I saw that it was available so poof, now you can watch it! 

T.M.– (in bold narrator voice) “In the land before there was a time it was a wise choice to buddy up to a three horn or long neck and even a wiser choice to avoid The Sharp tooth. For they were the most ferocious of all the creatures in the land…before time.”  

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Based on Stephen King’s book about a mother and son creature thingies that feed off of virgins in order to survive. It’s a strange spin on a vampire-like tale.

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Mulberry Street

A deadly infection hits New York and causes people to turn into rat-like creatures. Another strange spin on a “zombie-like” movie. 

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Have a great weekend ya’ll! 

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