Film Wise # 496

Howdy folks, it’s another week of invisible awesomeness! Ready? Pfft, of course you are!

Let’s start with the answers to last week’s quiz HERE

I scored a horrific 0/8 but now that I see the answers I’m ok with that. I should have gotten Grosse Point Blank and the original Clash of the Titans butttt I haven’t Grosse in many years and Clash even longer than that.  

Now on to this week’s quiz which can be found….HERE

Folks, I finally redeemed myself with an amazing 6/8. Yay! 

I got # 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8. 

How did ya’ll do? And who needs help with what? 

8 thoughts on “Film Wise # 496

  1. BAH! I was thinking it was the sequel to that blockbuster. As for #8, I tried about every other '80s comedy, but that makes more sense. Now to solve #5!

    BTW, #6 is easy if you wonder what kind of character could have trimmed the hedge in the background….

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