Friday Film Recommendations: July 30th

Happy Friday Ya’ll! I’m back with some more FFR with the hardcore Jack Daniels of awesomeness- T.M. 

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

So Rocky Horror is now enter it’s 35th year anniversary. Woah. I’ve never been a fan of going to the Rocky shows at my local theater but I do enjoy the movie and of course, all the songs and dancing. 

T.M.- *humming the entire song and dancing along* 

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If you’re in the mood for a gory explosion slasher trasher, check this one out done by Ryan Nicholson (the man behind Gutterballs

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Blood: The Last Vampire (Animated)

T.M. made me watch this and I thought it was pretty spiffy. 

A demon slayer chick poses as a school girl (yeah boys, uniforms and all…pervs!) to uncover why her classmates are turning into shapeshifting vamps. 

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V: The Original Miniseries 

I haven’t had the chance to catch the new version of V but I’m a big fan of the original so if you’re one of those people who like to catch up with an original before seeing a new/remake/whatever version of something. Here’s your chance! 

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My non-horror pick of the week. It’s no secret that I’m crazy in love with Kevin Smith. I don’t care if that tubby bitch is married with a kid, he’s still ranks high in my celeb crush list but ah, anyway, this is Smith’s follow up from the brilliant Clerks.

And random moment: I overheard someone in line at Comic Con say to his friend “Hey, remember in Mallrats, Scene 20, when Brody….” True story. This guy said “Scene 20” and officially out-geeked me by a million points. 

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Young girls witness a murder by their freaky classmate, Milo. Sixteen years later the girls reunite, believing that Milo died years ago but then poof they are being terrorized by the still young psycho Milo. Good times. 

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Class of 1999 II: The Substitute

So I graduated high school in ’99 and shit wasn’t as cool as they are in these movies. Oh well. So the first Class of ’99 was a classic but this one…it’s Cody from Step by Step, WIN! 

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Have a good weekend everyone!

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5 thoughts on “Friday Film Recommendations: July 30th

  1. There's also a live action version of Blood The Last Vampire.. I caught it on the Chiller network so I don't know what they might have edited out but I enjoyed it. It gives the character a little bit more of a back story.

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