Friday Film Recommendations: July 23rd

Happy Friday Folks!

Before I split town for SDCC, I met up with my favorite sidekick T.M. at his neighborhood brothel/waffle house and together we bring you this week’s FFR picks and his wisdomisms. 

Here goes: 

Brutal Massacre: A Comedy

Harry Penderecki, a washed up horror director is looking to get back into the Hollywood light. Harry is given another chance to make either his best film or last film. This fake-a-mentory includes some horror greats like David Naughton, Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker, Ken Foree, Gunnar Hansen, Mike Garris and Fango former editor and convention host Tony Timpone. 

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Independence’s Day

I can’t help but love “when aliens attack” movies, especially one with lots of explosions and a touching speech. 

T.M.- “Welcome to Earth, bitch! ’nuff said! 

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Tromeo and Juliet 

Troma’s take on the classic Shakespeare classic only, you know, Troma-uped with a screen full of nudity, tasteless humor and awesomeness. 

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 Christopher Nolan is an effin’ genius. We all know from Dark Knight and if you haven’t had the chance to see Inception, go now! 

T.M.– “emit lla fo eivom etirovaf ym”

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The Shortcut

Every town has their spooky story of the house you’re not to walk by etc. In The Shortcut, two dudes move to a new town where they learn about the neighborhood shortcut they’re not supposed to take. 

For a basic teen-ish horror flick, this one isn’t too shabby. 

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Plan 9 From Outer Space

The amusing Ed Wood classic is a must see for good fun times

T.M.– “Makes me want to dress up like a woman and do drugs with Bela [Lugosi]”

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The Neverending Story

My non-horror pick/welcome to my childhood pick of the week. I so wish I had a pet dog dragon thingy to terrorize people for me. Oh that would have been so effin’ sweet. 

T.M.- “Is that the one that goes on, and on and on and on and on and on (this conversation went on and on for a solid five minutes)

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Have a good weekend everyone!!!! 

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