Nicki Does Comic Con!

Well folks, I’ve been waiting for this moment for about a year now and it’s finally here. I am going to COMIC CON!!!!! 

This is my first time attending SDCC and I can’t even express the amount of excitement I feel without needing a diaper or a clean up on aisle: my pants. 

When I return I’ll do a major post or posts on my excellent adventure. At the moment going over the schedule, I’m completely overwhelmed with all the awesomeness that I’m going to experience. I’ll be sure to take lots of pics and report back whatever news I get from whatever panels I go to/get into/etc.

But anyway, I’m leaving early tomorrow morning so during my departure I will have some posts running so feel free to check back here throughout the week. 

So, have a good week everyone! Yay! 

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