Friday Film Recommendations: July 16th

Happy Friday Everyone! 

It’s time again to jump on your XBox, Tivos, Wii, etc and watch some effin’ movies. 

Every week before I do my FFR, I end up meeting my good friend T.M. in strange places like old folks’ home, vacant bathroom stalls, Chinese food restaurant’s dumpsters etc just so we can talk about movies. He’s the Shaq to my Kazaam

So enjoy this week’s picks and of course the ever so great opinion of my sidekick T.M. 

The Omen (1976)

An ambassador and his pregnant wife are ready to welcome their new born child into the world. When the baby is stillborn, the hospital folk talk the father into doing an old switcheroo with a “healthy” baby who just happens to be dun dun dun….SATAN’S CHILD! They left the last part out though. As the child gets old, crazy shit happens all leading to the truth about that damn devil child.

It’s these kinds of movies that makes me happy that I have no desire to ever have a child. With my luck, the child will indeed be the son/daughter/thingy of the devil. 

T.M.– “One fucking brutally horrific film!”

Watch Now 

Aliens: Collector’s Edition

Ripley, the only survivor of the Nostromo is awaken half a century later by a salvage ship. When she learns that humans are colonized on the alien planet, she and a bad ass government team are sent out to destroy the aliens. 

This is a fuckin’ great follow up to the first film. 

T.M.– “One bad ass movie from a bad ass time when Bill Paxton was still a tough drunk country boy and Paul Reiser still had a career. Aliens man…..shit freaks me out.” 

Watch Now 


I haven’t seen this movie in completion but I still have to recommend it for anyone who’s in that particular “I need to see some stellar crap” mood. 

Let’s see….it’s got Snoop Dogg as a vengeful ghost out to protect his ghetto. Awesome. 

T.M.– “In this movie Snoop Dogg has the vague qualities of a mix between Bela Lugosi and Lil Jon. I’m fucking surprised he didn’t win an Oscar for this bitch! Pfft!” 


Watch Now 

Cannibal! The Musical

For anyone who loves the comedic style of South Park’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone, you’ll love their take on the story of Alfred Packer, a mountain man accused of murdering and eating his traveling companions. Nom nom good times. 

T.M.– “This movie make me hungry and the dvd commentary is the shit!” 

Watch Now 

Happy Tree Friends: Season 1

I just randomly came across this really super cute awesome show about flurry cartoon animals that have awesome bloody, gory adventures. Where was stuff like this during my Saturday morning cartoon days? 

T.M.- *drunkenly humming along to the theme song* 

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Toolbox Murders 

Tobe Hooper’s remake of the 1978 film about a couple moving into a mysterious hotel converted to an apartment complex. The building has a lot of deadly history and the couple gets mixed up with the shit that goes down in there. 

T.M.– “Tobe Hooper really knows how to crunch my butt sometimes. And he’s always got a good cast of crazies and hotties to give that little extra smack in the penis.” 

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The Toxic Avenger 

Ohhh Toxie, the greatness of this movie and all the others speak for themselves. So bad that it’s sooo damn good. I love it. 

T.M.– “Watching this movie is like fighting the Vietnam War with a used condom.” *singing Toxic Avenger*

Watch Now

Have a good weekend ya’ll! 

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