Film Wise #492

Hello everyone, time for the invisible film quiz, yay! 

First up are answers to last week’s quiz HERE 

I don’t feel too bad about my lousy 1/8 because I either haven’t seen most of those, or only seen it once though I really should have gotten Hot Tub Time Machine but meh. I’m ok with my score. 

This week I didn’t that well either…Check it out HERE

I only got # 6 and #7 Meh. I know that I have to know #2 someone help me with #2 because the 2 things I thought it was were wrong so wa wa. 

Ok post your score, hints and questions…Go!

8 thoughts on “Film Wise #492

  1. Got 5/8. Missed 2 (I really should know this, but the horrors I'm stuck on are blocking me), 4 (no clue), and 8 (Feel like I should know it, but I dunno.)

  2. Haha Mike you should have taken a pic. I still have the pic of when your blog made me type “hymen”

    And what's a hint for #2 I sooo feel like I know it but my guesses were wrong.

    Hightower- Which ones did you guess?

  3. +JMJ+

    I got 4/8! It's a good week, although I'm a bit late. =P

    My friend tried this quiz and got #4. If you still want a hint, it's about a rich goof off . =)

    (Last week, I also got only 1/8. I was right about Chicago.)

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