My Top 10 Willy Inducing Moments (Inspired by The Horror Digest)

So I’m late on the recent willy trend going on. If you don’t know already, the lovely Andre over at The Horror Digest listed her top 10 willy inducing moment and she suggested we all jump in with our own list. So here I go with my own *shudder* willy list. (some may include spoilers) 

#1 Creepshow: Bleh Roaches! 

The final segment in this awesome anthology is about a mean old germaphobic bastard. I’m all for assholes getting what they deserve but roaches everywhere!? Fuckin’ yuck yo! 

The old guy traps himself in his special clean room and the creepy crawlers invade his space and his face! When the roaches start coming out his body, I can’t help but jump around and shake and scream “Get it off me! Get it off me!” as if I’m there in the room. Eh! 

#2 May: Eye ball

For those that know me, I’m a little bit klutzy with a side of retarded. A few years ago I was putting up my laundry and putting clothes on plastic hangers. The hangers were all bunched up and I pulled them apart instead of just carefully separating them. One hanger snapped and a piece of plastic flew in my eye. I ended up having to go to the emergency room and every now and then I still get infections that feel like razor blades in my eye. 

When May gets frustrated that her new friend can’t “see her” she decides it’s best to stab herself in the eye with scissor as an offering to her friend. 

Watching this scene always takes me back to my painful accident and I get a twinge of pain all over again while she stabs herself. Dude!

#3 The Eye (original)- Elevator scene

I kind of have a thing about people all up behind me, breathing all hard and shit. Just the thought of it makes me crawl out of my skin so this scene really gets to me. If I were that chick I would have jumped out of the elevator and before running I would do my little shudder/jebbies dance just to get that dude’s essence off of me. 

#4 Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) Scream + point= Bahhh!  

The final scene in this film just freaked me the fuck out! Donald Sutherland’s ability pop out his eyes, throw down a creepy point and that scream. Oh man, that god awful scream. It’s more horrifying that realizing that he became one of “them.” 

#5 Jeepers Creepers: Darry’s last screams

At the end of J.P. after Darry’s is captured, I was left wondering “How’s he gonna get out of this…hmmmm?” Well, hearing him scream, whine and cry then….the final scene… wow. He ain’t gonna nowhere!  

After knowing what happened to him in the end, and hearing those screams beforehand and just imagining what was happening to him as he was screaming, it truly turned my blood stone cold. 

#6 Session 9– Simon’s voice

Throughout this film we hear recorded sessions of a little girl with split personalities. She has one super evil personality named Simon. It isn’t to the last session and the last scene of the film that we hear Simon’s voice. It’s that voice that gave me the chills and haunted me a while after seeing this. 

#7 Return to Oz- Room o’ heads

As a kid, as a teen and right effin’ now, this scene completely terrifies me. 

 #8 It– Float on Georgie 

You can’t have a list of things that give you the wiggins without some sort of clown on it. It is the ultimate freaky ass scary clown. 

#9 Zodiac– Charles Fleischer

Charles Fleischer is an odd-ball awesome guy but in Zodiac, he’s more creepier than a dirty old man giving away free candy from his van. 

#10 Fire in the Sky– Travis meets the aliens 

I don’t know if I believe in aliens but this movie made me wish and hope and pray to the heavens above that if they do exist, they never find me. 

*Extra Bonus Willy* As a bonus, I wanted to add a commercial that has bothered me for 10 years now. When I first moved to Chicago, I had to get used to the weather, people saying “pop” instead of “soda” and the effin’ Eagle Man. When I first saw one of these commercials, I was absolutely horrified. I couldn’t understand why this creature existed which bothered me even more. When I was in school, I would watch some day time tv in between classes and that’s when these commercials would run. I honestly, seriously, really had to change the channel every single time this came on. For realz. 

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6 thoughts on “My Top 10 Willy Inducing Moments (Inspired by The Horror Digest)

  1. Hah love the bonus willy!
    These are awesome..good point about that Jeepers Creepers scene! I think for me it's always about how that creeper is sewing! Ugh. And the whole place is just…..creepy. You get the point!

    Crazy about the eye thing! That's my worst fear….gah!

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