Film Wise # 491

Hello ya’ll. Hoping everyone had a super great holiday weekend. So, now let’s get ready for invisible people quiz time! Yay! 

First up, the answers to last week is HERE

I was happy with my 5/8 score but I’m super pissed I didn’t get # 8. I so totally knew that one. I guess if it had that chick’s invisible face with the snot coming out, I would have known it right away. Oh well. Moving on….

This week is HERE

I’m sad to say that I could only pull off a 1/8 Wa wa.

The only thing I could get was #5 because I’m a little bit in love with that movie a little bit. Again hats confuse me so I’m not sure if I’ve seen the other movies or not. Damn damn.

Anyway….how’s ya’ll do!? Post/brag about your score! 

6 thoughts on “Film Wise # 491

  1. And, I got 2 right on second guess, so I only have #1 to figure out.

    Some clues:
    2 is an Oscar Winning musical.
    3 is Crispin Glover.
    4 is a recent rom com with a gag about naked webcamming. (Only saw this in the preview, don't judge me!)
    5 is that movie Nicki's kind of in love with.
    6 is a “classic” comedy that I don't like.
    7 is a bearded man who won an Oscar in the film.
    8 is a recent action movie hinging on the vehicle in the picture.

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