Friday Film Recommendations: July 2nd

Happy Friday Ya’ll and Happy July! Here’s some movies to watch in between your bbqs and firework shows. And again, my partner in crime T.M. offers up a side dish of reasons why ya’ll should watch some of these. 

Funny Games (1997)

A lot of people have their own opinions of what makes a movie fucked up. This movie, in my humble opinion is super fucked up. 

A family vacationing in a cabin come across two sophisticated psychopaths. The two play sadistic cruel games on the family that are totally effed up. 

Though I do recommend this, T.M. doesn’t agree with me so it might not be everyone’s bag as he says “fuck that pathetic attempt of a movie.” 

To each their own folks! 

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So it’s 4th of July weekend and one of my favorite things to do is, watch Jaws! We all have our go to holiday movies for certain holidays and this one is mine.

T.M.- “Jaws is the fucking shit and I’m gonna fuck start your face if you say any different.” 

And I second that. 

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Wolf Moon

I recently watched this little movie and though it’s nothing special, I was sold on the fact that it starred Sid Haig, Billy Drago and Lin Shayne. 

So the story goes like this, this chick falls for a dude who’s a werewolf and shit goes down. It’s not as lame ass as Twilight but it’s a timer filler kind of movie. Plus again…awesome cast. 

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SLC Punk

My non-horror pick of the week! I super love this movie! 

Based in the 80’s, punks Stevo and Bob lament about their boring lives in Salt Lake City. 

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Sliders: Seasons 1&2 

If you don’t remember Sliders from way back when then…what the hell is wrong with you? 

Jerry O’Connell steps out the shadows of My Secret Identity and takes on this spiffy scifi role as a dude who travels through portals and shit. Good stuff. 

T.M.- “Fucking Sliders? Yeah! Jerry O’Connell owns that shit. Oh and Kari Wuhrer is bomb ass hot.” 

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Simon Says

College students camping out have a run-in with crazy twins. Wait, wait, I gotta tell you who plays the twins…ready… It’s Crispin Glover yo! Are you pressing “watch now” yet? 

This is definitely a stupid fun kind of movie. 

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Return of the Living Dead 3

I’m all for people in love but I have to draw the line when it comes to zombifing your girlfriend. 

Curtis gets into an accident with his girlfriend Julie. He uses his dad’s special secret government chemical stuff to bring her back. Way to be stupid. Curtis is happy to get his woman back but not so thrilled that she’s all nom nom nommm when it comes to chowing down on people. 

And as T.M. remembers it “Wait, is that the one where she’s like a junkie and the go into a sewer at one point?”

Yes, yes it is and that pretty much explains the whole movie right there. 

This sequel doesn’t live up to the other comical Return flicks but I still think it’s pretty decent. 

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Have a super awesome weekend everyone!

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