Bloody Love Double Feature: Let the Right One In & Thirst

I’m kicking off my first Double Feature segment with a “Bloody Love” theme of Let the Right One In and Thirst

It truly breaks my heart that I live in a world where Twilight is glorified as the essence of vampire love. In these two wonderfully passionate vamp films, the love between the characters are more genuine and authentic and not just teens panting and cranking out the “I’m trying to be brooding but I look like I just shit my effin’ pants” looks on their faces. 

In Let the Right One In, Oskar, the school wimp, is intrigued by his new neighbor Eli. 

Oskar and Eli develop a playground kind of love. She gives him the courage to take on his class bullies by letting him know “boy, you got this!” when it comes to him finally standing up for himself. 

When Oskar finds out that Eli is a dun dun dunnn vampire, he’s weirded out at first but then accepted her for her differences. Aww. 

With Oskar only being 12 and Eli being the same “more or less” the two connect on a level that most adults spent years searching for. They’ve created their own world of Morse code and Rubik cubes that will carry on in an everlasting kind of love. 

In Chan-wook Park’s Thirst, good-heart priest Sang-hyun volunteers for an experimental vaccine to end a deadly virus. The virus nearly kills Sang-hyun but a blood transfusion save his life. Sang-hyun later realizes that the blood he received was from a dun dun dunnn vampire. 

Sang-hyun’s urge for blood and lusty desire spins out of control when his childhood friend’s wife, Tae-ju, comes to him looking for a way out of her boring life. 

It doesn’t take long before Sang-hyun gives up his non-virginal priestly ways and gives into Tae-ju’s seduction. 

Tae-ju freaks out when she finds out that Sang-hyun is a blood sucking vampire but after much thought she becomes fascinated with his world. Pfft, chicks. 

Sang-hyun falls in love for Tae-ju and she takes advantage of him. After she gets him to kill her husband under false accusations, he kills her in a fit of rage. The moment he loses her, he realizes can’t let her go, so he vamps her up. 

With her new-found super powers, Tae-ju gets all slutty crazy and kills more for fun than for blood. Sang-hyun remains loyally by her side even though he does not approve. When his morals finally come back to him he was able to stand up to her and put an end to her madness. 

The reason why Sang-hyun put up with her was because he loved her unconditionally. Sure, it helped that she put out a lot and was down with his vampire stamina; but he knew that inside she was still that meek, innocent girl he meet when he was a boy. 

Tae-ju puts her inner whore in check and remembers back to her youth when Sang-hyun was the little orphan boy she fell in love with. Tae-ju does love him but she let the freedom of the outside world take over.

 The two had a fucked up, passionate, erotic affair but in the end they share a moment where they knew in there somewhere, they did love each other. 

And there you have double vampy love without the sparkly bullshit. 

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4 thoughts on “Bloody Love Double Feature: Let the Right One In & Thirst

  1. “I'm trying to be brooding but I look like I just shit my effin' pants” looks on their faces.

    So, SO true! *Nuding Kristen Stewart, NUDGE OW! Nudge! 😛

    Yeah, I've caught bits and pieces of LTROI, but it always seems to be on halway through, but yeah from what I have seen of it, it's pretty adorabel, and dare I say without *weirdingg anyone out* also realistic.

    I'll have to catch Thrist. It's on my On Demand thingie. Good stuff! 🙂

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