Friday Film Recommendations: June 25th

Happy Friday Ya’ll! It’s time to watch some movies! Yay! Returning again and for future FFRs, my motivating muse T.M. will be adding his quick wit and special brand of humor to flair the recs. Enjoy. 

Laid To Rest

If you’ve read my recent Horror Happiness post then you know that I loooovveee splatter. I’m recommending this because it has awesome amounts of gore and splatter. Oh be still my heart. 

This slasher flick about a girl being chased around by a psycho sporting a chrome mask. The plot is slightly mediocre but it’s still a bloody good time killer. 

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MST3K: Soultaker

Unfortunately I’ve seen this movie without the help of Mike and the robots and um it’s crap. Throw in the MST3K humor and it’s awesome crap. Everything is better when it’s MST3K’ed up. 

And from T.M.- “MST3K? Shit yeah! Talking robots keep the bitches nice and wet. Fact!” 

If that’s not enough to sell you, it’s got Joe Estevez as a the grim reaper. And and andd… this special MST3K has Joel and Mike together in the same room. Talk about a hottie sandwich! 

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I’ve passed by this title several times while scanning the Instant Watch list every week. It wasn’t until Brian at Horror Movie A Day recommended it that I felt intrigued to check it out. 

Helen Coltrane just lost her husband. She is forced to move her kids to a crappy little town to live with her brother-in-law until she can get on her feet again. Helen finds out that her husband was taking care of Sarah, and shy but sweet foster child and Helen feels the need to take her in to honor her husband’s dead wishes. As the family tries to settle in their new digs with the stranger brother-in-law and the very quite but kinda weird Sarah….shit…goes…down. 

This isn’t a pow in your face kind of thriller but I enjoyed the subtle flow and pace so I think it’s something worth checking out yo. 

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

My awesome non-horror pick of the week. Well, the whole Large Marge thing is pretty effin’ horrifying but other than that this movie is gold. 

I’m hoping that everyone has seen this classic movie so I’m only recommending it to watch again. 

And from the wisdom of T.M.- “Shit, I always wanted to punch that chubby fuck that stole Pee-Wee’s sweet fuckin’ bike. That movie rocks.” 

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Fear Itself: Season 1

Got an hour? Check out NBC’s watered down version of Masters of Horror. Each episode or “mini movie” is filmed by an awesome horror director. For a cable show the series isn’t that bad. Some episodes are spiffy others are forgettable. 

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Corey Feldman stars in this lame ass but fun flick about a dude who moves into a fraternity to be closer to his girlfriend. His new frats bros aren’t just about beer and babes but also…dun dun dun…voodoo. I’d recommend this for some mindless entertainment. 

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The made for tv version remake of Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive. 

This movie focuses on more on the trucks (hence the title) other than the whole “everything electrical killing people” thing. Of course it can’t possible live up to Overdrive but meh, it’s still ok.

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Have a great weekend folks! 

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