Midnight Warriors: My Horror Happiness

For this month’s Midnight Warriors question (I now have Dokken’s Dreammmmm Warrrrriors stuck in my head) The Mike ponders what makes us horror peeps happy when it comes to horror, genre or cult cinema?

 I came up with my random 10 in no particular order at all. So here goes it….. 

1. Splatter- I’m a major gore whore. When I’m in a theater watching a super bloody movie and the audience is screaming in disgust; I’m the girl that is giggling deliriously at the awesomeness on the screen. I’m such a super huge fan of the red, gooey sugary mess, that it guarantees a big sugary smile on my face. 

2. Decent plot– Lately this is becoming an endangered species in our beloved genre lost in remakes and PG-13 appropriate movies. I’m down for some mindless fun but when a film is thought-provoking or lingers on my mind days later, then it’s a rare, special thing. 

3. Dancing– Ah the art of dancing around like an effin’ fool without a care in the world is something magical. When watching a movie where you know shit’s going to go down, but yet characters still find the time to boogie down equals instant grin on my face. Attention all film people, always add dancing in your movies and you will get my money for the theater admission and the dvd 

4. Dvds– Speaking of dvds, I have this horrific habit of buying dvds. To the untrained eye it’s not such a bad thing, but really, I love buying crap. Back in the day when Netflix sold old dvds, I scanned all the options and just bought stuff…really….realllyyyy bad stuff. Why? Well, cause it was cheap and it was there for me to buy. Today I went to the grocery store (a haven for cheap dvds) and there in a bin among things I already had and things I didn’t care about was Captivity for $3.99! Ya’ll, that’s pretty cheap. But then I stopped and said ‘Um, Nicki, you know that movie is beyond ass right?” So I put it down and walked away. A lot of times, I’d throw crap like that in my basket, purchase it then throw it on my ever growing stack and forget all about it. I have a problem but it’s an awesome problem that I love having. 

5. Cheesy Poop– And now on the subject of ass. I can appreciate really great, well-done films but when it comes to it’s ginger-headed step-brother a.k.a. bad films, I can take some time to appreciate that in all it’s tardness. I love that for all the heart and hard work put into really good films, the same heart and some kind of work are put into bad ones. The best example is Scifi/Syfy original movies. They get the best actors, they go all out on the special effects and it’s my go-to option for any shitty mood I might be in. One day I’ll lose my job, my apartment, my leg yet I’ll go somewhere, watch one of these movies and I’ll end up feeling really good about myself and life in general. 

6. George Romero and the zombie craze- I know that zombies are so “in” right now but back in my youth, I didn’t have the unlimited selection I do now. I watched Return of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead countless amounts of times. The films even inspired me to one day put baby powder all over my face and go after my little brother, all zombie-like. The end result, he freaked out, started crying then slapped me in the face before running away and locking himself in his bedroom. True story. 

The zombie genre would not really exists without the amazing George Romero. My deep rooted love for this sub-genre is all because of this sexy old man. Opinions vary on his recent work but overall, we can agree that he’s the reason why we have zombie marches, zombie proms and well zombie movies in general. 

7. Monster Movies– My first sub-genre love does go to zombie movies but I always had a thing for monster movies. I remember when Jeepers Creepers came out, I went to see it without really knowing what it was about. At the time horror movies consist of “who dunnit” type of shit sparked off from the fame of Scream. It was so refreshing to watch something where the villain was a creature that didn’t have a real motive other than it’s own survival. Years later I watch Creature from the Black Lagoon for the first time and I fell completely in love with the intrigue a monster can bring to the world of film. Good times! 

8. Chicks in horror-  Throughout the genre us chicks have had a bit of a bad rep with always being the victim and/or the stupid one. I love that there has been a progression where chicks can be totally bad-ass mofos. I love watching such movies where the normal, not the average wrestler chick can step up in a bad situation and take on a “Yo, I got this!” attitude. I hope to one day be that when I grow up. 

9. Horror on TV– I watched A LOT of tv growing up and 95 percent of what I watched was horror related. I watched every “Tales from the…” and Monstervision, Freddy’s Nightmares, Friday the 13th the series, Nightmare Cafe, just about everything that was on, I was sooo there. 

One very special show I watched in my youth was the New Orleans’ host Morgus the Magnificent. Morgus would do crazy ass experiments in between showing horror movies. 

I attribute a lot of these shows to my love for horror and it’s a damn dirty shame that there’s nothing like it these days. I still get some thrills with shows like Dexter and True Blood and I will hopefully get it from awesome upcoming The Walking Dead

10. Horror Fans– Of course I can’t forget to add you guys to the list. Ya’ll make me feel less weird about loving gore, collecting bad movies and scaring the shit out of my brother with my lame-ass attempt to be a zombie. The horror fan friends that I’ve made over the years are so very special to me so yay to horror fans!! *pointing at you* 

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3 thoughts on “Midnight Warriors: My Horror Happiness

  1. Very nice list! I'm glad that you mentioned horror television, as sometimes that's treated as the ginger-headed step brother as you said bad movies were. We seem to like some of the same rockin' shows as well. Props to you for giving shout outs to gore and horror fans too!

  2. +JMJ+

    I haven't thought about “creature features” in quite a while, and I confess that I generally prefer human psychos for my vilains . . . but yes, Nicki, it is refreshing to see the heroes blow some four-legged abomination out of the water with a double barreled shotgun without having to think, “Maybe they could have just talked to him more!” (Bwahahahaha!)

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