Friday Film Recommendations: June 18th

Happy Friday Ya’ll! It’s time to rock out this week’s FFR. Let’s do it!

This week I’m doing something very special and different. Well, ok it’s more lazy than anything else but I’m calling it special so there!

As my late night lack of motivation kicked in, I got the help of one very awesome reader T.M.

T.M. or what he lets me call him “Mr. B” was nice enough to offer some quotes on this week’s choices. So instead of me full-on jibber jabbering about every movie, ya’ll get a bonus!

You’re welcome.

Robot Stories

I like robots. I like short stories. Put the two together and mix them around and ahhh, I’m won over. 

This collection of robot tales include a story about a robot baby, the symbolism  of toy robots, an office robot and some old guy who’s about to kick it. 

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

In memory of the late, great Mr. Hopper. I have to throw down this recommendation in honor of him. This is a great follow up to the classic film and from T.M.-

“Dennis Hopper wielding double chainsaws…Fuck you what else do you need?” 

Also…”That bitch screams too much and is annoying but still hot.” 

Couldn’t have said it better myself! 

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The Haunted World of El Superbeasto

I’ve always been on the fence with Rob Zombie. I hated House of a 1000 Corpses with a fiery bag of poop on someone’s door, I thought The Devil’s Rejects was well done and the Halloween remakes wow….instant poop mix. I can’t let go of the fact that White Zombie was my first concert so I have to hold the man in some high regards but yeah. Anyway, here’s one of his latest works of art. I’ve recently watched it, didn’t quite get it but on some level it’s enjoyable plus it’s good to see that Rob can be free within this animation and not deal with any restrictions so with that, it’s worth checking out. 

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The Dark Crystal

I can’t pretend that those muppet faces don’t freak me the fuck out. I mean *shudder* look at it *double shudder*

Anyway, apart from that, this was a childhood favorite of mine. And anything Frank Oz and Jim Henson do together (on and off camera) is always awesome. 

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Got like 30 minutes? Check out this short that’s a semi-play on “shock value” but completely ranks up in the “ick factor.” I’ve seen this short at a few film fests and every time I’ve seen it, I want to bleach my penis off. This isn’t recommended for everyone. 

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Wishmaster series

I’m pleased to see that Fearnet is having a Wishmaster theme, showing the first one, #3 and #4. But I am brutally upset that #2 (irony?) was not included in this craptastic mix of movies. One can’t just skip the second movie of a series and just jump to #3. I can’t let that shit slide mainly because #2 (typing that makes me giggle) holds and very important, amazing scene that no viewer can ever forget. And those who have seen it knows it as the …. “guy fucks himself” scene….which you can watch below….

I have to say this is one of the best scenes in cinema history and if you want to argue with that, I’ll be more than happy to throw down! 

Again it’s too bad #2 (hehe) isn’t available but eh, you can still watch the others if you really want to and the mood strikes you. And for the final quote from T.M.- 

“If you wish to watch Wishmaster then be careful what you wish for because you just wished for a bloody cockslap to the face with the inevitable after taste of sweaty screaming blonde bitches.” 

And that sums up the series. 

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Have a great weekend folks and a very special thanks to T.M. for getting me through this and offering up some wisdom! You rule! 

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2 thoughts on “Friday Film Recommendations: June 18th

  1. Since you mentioned robots and short stories, and I know you love films that are basically a collection of shorts I have a recommendation for you.

    Robot Carnival. I have no idea how easy this is to find anymore. I only have it on VHS. But it's an anime collection of shorts with the theme being robots. I find some of the shorts a little boring but there are others in the collection I absolutely love.

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