Film Wise # 488

It’s time for the invisible people quiz! 

First up, the answers to last week’s quiz are HERE

I’m upset I didn’t get There’s Something About Mary since there aren’t too many movies with wrapped up dogs in it and I never even heard of The World’s Fastest Indian. Shit sounds made up! 

And this week’s quiz is HERE 

As a horror/gore whore, Numbers 1-3 are sooo very easy. So of course those are the only ones I got. I feel like I know #4 and #6 but meh. I can’t guess it.

Ok folks, how’d ya do this week? 

15 thoughts on “Film Wise # 488

  1. World's Fastest Indian is actually a really good flick! Of course, having seen it, the word INDIAN across the jacket helped me recall. 🙂

    I got 6 of 8 this week. I know I got the first 4, and 6 (also a horror movie, btw). I guessed on 7 and 8, and think I got 8 right.

    5 is baffling me.

  2. Mmm I still standing by the fact that The World's Fastest Indian was made up to trick me.

    I soooo know that I know #6 but it's not coming to me. Grrr.

    #5 Looks like it's one of those Pirate of the Caribbean movies but likely is not.

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