Coming Soon: Double Features!

I’m not the kind of girl that knows the best way to pair wine with food. But I am good at pairing two things. One is, when I go to the movies I like to get Cherry Coke and Twizzlers. The flavor combination of the fruity tasting goodness produces the best tasting burps EVER. Yeah, I’m gross. Try it sometime and I assure you’ll say “Mmmm, that’s a tasty burp.” 

The other thing I’m even better at is pairing movies. I love watching a bunch of movies that share a common theme. I can’t resist buying double feature dvds even if they are those Grindhouse porn dvds. Good stuff.

Over the weekend I went to a Chicago Film Fest known as Terror in the Aisles and the theme was Killer Children. The triple feature included It’s Alive, The Children and Grace. Awesome right? It was. The fest gave me the idea to start having my own double features and of course write about it on here. I have a few duo ideas lined up so stay tuned later this week when I making this shit happen! 

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