The Psycho Legacy Dvd Release!

I am very super happy to announce that The Psycho Legacy documentary finally has a release date of Oct 19th, just in time for the 50th anniversary of the film’s release. 

For anyone who had the amazing pleasure of meeting Rob Galluzzo/RobG from Icons of Fright/Shock Til You Drop, you know how much heart Rob put into this project and how long it took him to collaborate and hunt down the stars of the series. I was lucky enough to witness a panel for this doc two years ago at Fango L.A. Just to be in the presence the awesome Tom Holland and Mick Garris was a very “ahhhh” moment for me. 

I’m so proud of Rob for pulling this off and now finally getting it out there. So ya’ll, as if we don’t already spend way too much money in October to begin with, add this to your pre-order, wish list, to-do lists, whatever. Trust me, it’s worth adding to your collection! 

For more info, check out the website 

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