Friday Film Recommendations: June 11th

Super Happy Friday Ya’ll. Ready for this week’s FFR? Pfft, of course you are! Ok, you know the drill, start up the Xbox, Wii, computer, etc. 


The awesome classic Aregento film is now available for your instant viewing pleasure. 

An American dancer chick goes to Europe for a fancy ballet school. While trying to settle in, crazy shit happens, people die and strange occurrences go down. Ahhh, typical Aregento. 

Also check out The Horror Digest’s Hidden Scares in Suspiria  for fun stuff.  

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MST3K: The Giant Gila Monster 

A friend recently put me in the mood for some good old monster movie fun. I have always had a special boner in my heart for such creature feature/monster movies so scanning Netflix, I came across this little movie. 

So a ginormous lizard attacks a small Texas town. Sounds awesome right? Well this movie is even better all pimped out MST3K-style. Enjoy the wit of Joel and his robot friends.

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Psst, you wanna know what a good clean fun way to cure being in a funk? Well, my personal secret is…. watching shitty movies. That’s right folks, I don’t want to call a friend and plague them with my bullshit, throwing on a movie is way to go, yo. 

A recent case of the funks was all clear up by watching Lou Diamond Phillips battle some killer carny creature thingy. There truly is no role that the man can’t fill.  This movie is what poop wants to be when it grows up so if you’re in need of some cheese or a downer fix, watch it! 

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Non-Horror Pick of the Week: Metropolis 

Le sigh. I got the wonderful chance to see this over the past weekend and wow. Not only was it my first time seeing it ever but I got to watch it in completion and in a super rad theater. Yes, envy me! 

Set in the future (this was made 1927) the population is divided between workers and thinkers. The workers must stay underground and the thinkers live a wealthy lifestyle on top. A upper class guy revolts by joining the oppressed workers. Worlds collide.  

I went in not knowing anything about this fine film and I left the theater feeling enchanted by the experience. Stating that it is truly amazing is an understatement. 

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Strangers with Candy: Season 1

Got 30 minutes? Then take some time to check out this old Comedy Central show. The awesome Amy Sedaris plays an old ex-junkie trying to reclaim her youth by going back to high school. Oh and the best, best part is, most episodes end in dancing! If only everything in life could end in dancing, the world would rule.

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The Children

During a Christmas vacation, children get sick and start turning on their parents. Dun dun dunnnn. 

I’m all for taking on a little kid if I have to throw down, but in this movie they are like freakin’ zombies. You can push them out of your way but once there are bunches of the fuckers surrounding you, you’re so screwed. 

Also tonight I’m going to a killer children themed horror film fest! Yeah! This movie is apart of the line-up so watch it tonight and it will be like watching it with me! Only not cause I’ll be over here and you’ll be there but still. 

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Hostel Part II: Director’s Cut

Love it or hate it, but you know what, I totally dug this movie. 

First of all, if you haven’t seen the first one, you need to jump on it. It’s awesome and also you can’t really follow this without seeing the first one.

Moving on, so to the haters, what I really enjoyed about this movie is that for one, we get to follow semi-relate-able college girls instead of douche-tastic guys trying to get ass. The second thing is the other story of the “buyers.” I’m all about different perspectives so getting to see the angle of the buying process and the people involved completely fascinated me. And ok three, yeah the end is awesome. I’m not going to pretend like I didn’t enjoy it and want to high five the screen when I first saw it sooo take that! 

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Have a good weekend folks. 

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One thought on “Friday Film Recommendations: June 11th

  1. So many good ones too. My love of Suspiria is undying (heh). Metropolis was amazing. Even though the “new” footage was not in great shape to see it was such an incredible experience. And The Children was a nice surprise. Friday night was my first time seeing it and wow.

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