Friday Film Recommendations: June 4th

Happy Friday Ya’ll and welcome to June! Wow, where did this year go? Anyways, time to queue up your XBox, Wii, computer, Tivo, whatever and enjoy some movies. Yay awesome! 

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

The crazy comedic duo Abbott and Costello have an adventurous run-in with Dracula and Frankenstein! An oldie but a goodie. 

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House of the Devil

I’m soooo happy to see this listed! This is a film that I think all horror fans should check out regardless your style. It’s a slow burning homagey film. I dug it and maybe you will too! Here’s the review I wrote about it last year…..HERE 

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Non-Horror Pick: Man, Woman, and the Wall

A dude moves into a new apartment and becomes fascinated with the voice of his chick neighbor. The walls are paper thin so through them he learns a lot about her which builds his love and obsession for her. 

This is a strange movie but I kinda like it. 

Unforgettably Evil 

Got an hour? Watch this Starz Inside doc about villains in different types of film. The doc gathers thoughts and theories from such stars as: Eli Roth, Stan Lee (I guess he’s as close as George Romero as they could get) Tobin Bell, Malcolm McDowell, Daryl Hannah and so much more! 

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Ren and Stimpy Vol 1

Got  30 minutes? Watch this cutesy cartoon about a cat and a dog having all kinds of awesome-like adventures. This show is probably the reason why I got a chihuahua…ok, that’s not true at all but still, it’s a fun show.

No one truly knows how often I have the log song stuck in my head. As I write this I’m humming along to that song. And now….you are too! 

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I haven’t seen this…yet! But it’s about a cyborg doggie that chases people or something. Personally, I don’t care if this movie is ballz bad, if it has half robots in it, I’m sold! And looking at the trailer, wow…it’s amazing. 

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Fearnet’s new sick and twisted animated series about a ghost chick killing people. The episodes are only a few minutes long and they are filled with bloody awesome goodness. Where was shit like this back in my cartoon watching days? Good times.

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Have a good weekend! 

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