An Open Letter to the Dvd Gods

Dear Dvd Gods, 

Last year you gave a wonderful gift. For months I searched all over the city and asked friends and family out of town to track down the theatrical subtitled version of Let the Right One In. After many broken-hearted moments, my pain ended that glorious September evening.  That day will be the closest thing I’ll ever come to winning the lottery. It was magical and I glowed for days! Anyway, moving on. 

Lately the nostalgia bug has been nibbling at me. A few weeks ago Daria: The Complete Animated Series dvd came out. And effin’ finally to that! It got me thinking about other tv shows I loved back in the day and my mind always goes back to just one show, Dead at 21

If you need a refresher of this amazing scifi MTV show here goes it: 

A secret government project put microchips in babies’ brains, and they all grew up to be geniuses. The chips start to break down, causing intense dreams which slowly drive them mad.  None of the kids survive beyond their 21st birthday. Ed Bellamy, one of the experiments, finds out about it on his 20th. Agent Winston, assigned to bury the project, frames Ed for murder. Maria, a girl he met at the party, is a witness. Together, they set off to clear their names, find a cure and stay alive.

Remember now? Sure you do! While girls my age were deciding who on 90210 was the cutest, I was glued to my tv hoping that Ed would find the doctor that could get the chip out his brain! Fuck eye candy! I needed the drama and suspense! 

Every now and then I do a search to see if some how, some where I can get this fantastic tv show in my hands. No torrents exists and every time I go to conventions I always keep an eye out. Even two. 

I’m writing to you make this shit happen. If such awesomeness as The State and Daria can make it out to dvd, then so can this little show that no one remembers but me. Hells, I’ll be happy just to have it on VHS if you can connect me to the right channels. 

I do realize that this could one day come out, I’ll run out to get it, do a dance, then pop it on, watch it and think “What the hell is this effin’ garbage and why did I waste time writing a fake letter on my blog just to announce how bad I wanted this?” Even if maybe it’s not as awesome as my 13 year-old self remembers it, I still want it. 

So Dvd Gods, do your thing, get this out and um if you can maybe do it soon or before I’m dead, that would rule.



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10 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Dvd Gods

  1. Mmmm….Daria….

    “Mr DeMartino: Okay class. Who can tell me which war manifest destiny was used to justify? Kevin?
    Kevin: Vietnam War?
    Mr DM: That came a little later Kevin. 100 years later. A lot of good men died in that war. I believe we owe it to them to at least get the century right!
    K: Uh… Operation Watergate?
    Mr DM: Son, promise me you'll come back and visit me someday when you've got the Heisman Trophy and a chain of auto dealerships and I'm saving up for a second pair of pants!”

  2. Wait a minute…you've found the fabled subtitled-not-crappy-dubbed version Let the Right One In? I think you owe it to your loyal readership to hand that shit over. Or at least share your venue of purchase.


  3. It was with the rest of the tainted dvds. I checked every time I went there and they normally had 3. This one magical day in Sept, there were 4. The 4th one was the copy. I haven't checked since. My friend recently found the blu ray! I hear that's pretty damn rare.

  4. You must find another copy, have a giveaway that I am guarenteed to win, and send me that motherfucker.

    We're at war. This is no time to be greedy.

    (I kid…?)

  5. If you mean I still haven't found the subtitles, and therefore, correct version, than no, I haven't. I've found many versions that deceived me into thinking they were subtitles, only to reveal themselves to be filthy dubbed…

    I fucking hate dubbing.

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