Friday Film Recommendations: May 28th

Happy Friday ya’ll. Now that summer is on the way and all the good shows are done for the season, you can now watch more movies. Go you! So get your Xbox, Tivos, Wiis and computers ready! 

District 9

The big hit from last summer and Oscar nominated alien flick is now on Instant Watch. Woot. 

Insect-looking aliens stop by earth but get stranded and have to co-exists with us humans. The aliens are forced to live in slum-like conditions to keep them from integrating with the human popular. The government decides to move them away from the general public and shit goes down when the man in charged is exposed to an unknown alien chemical. 

This is either going to be your kind of movie or not but the thing I personally loved about it is, there’s lots of splatter! 

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Tremors 2: Aftershock

I have to go on the assumption that everyone reading this right now has at least seen the first Tremors. If not, dude, come on, get on it! 

No Kevin Bacon in this one but it’s ok because Fred Ward and Michael Gross this rock out this second installment in the battle to take out Graboids. 

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The Stepfather

Another crappy remake soiling the image of the awesome original. For any Lost fans that haven’t seen the original, check it out. It took me the longest time to not see Locke as “That dude from The Stepfather!” 

I watched this on one of my many “I’m bored, crappy movie fun time” times. The movie is pretty stale but it’s still a filler for boredom. 

A psychopath tries to find the perfect family to father by charming up single MILFs. Once he gets his way in, he freaks the fuck out when the kids don’t follow his rules and things aren’t they way he wants them. And by “freak out” I mean he likes to chop ’em up and search for more MILFs. 

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My Completely Not Even Close to Horror Pick of the Week: UP

Over the weekend I got a chance to see this really awesome film and ah, it’s great ya’ll. There is even a scene that appealed to my sick sense of humor. I even thought “Hmmm are kids going to get that?” But anyway, my non-horror friends will be pleased with this suggestion especially if they have never seen it so enjoy. Also beware the first 15 are heartbreaking. 

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The State: The Complete Series

Got 30 minutes? Check out the old school MTV show The State. I’m going to show my age by stating that “back in the day” I remember when MTV was all about the music and tv shows were a thing of night time and Sundays. Oh well. Before Reno 911 and Stella these guys did hilarious skits so it’s worth checking out for some laughs. 

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I never watched this entire movie but meh, now I have a chance. It’s got Molly Ringwald and Kylie Minogue in it. Eh? Eh?

 The basic plot is a killer is killing people off on a film set. Hmmm Scream 2-ish maybe? 

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House of the Dead

I remember when this came out, not knowing anything about the video game, I saw the trailer and thought “Wow, this looks like poop.” I still haven’t seen it and it still looks like poop but hey, any people into the game might want to check it out or anyone in a “bad movie” kind of mood can check it out too. 

I can try to explain the movie or you can just watch the trailer. PS I’m not going to try to explain the movie so watch the trailer. 

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Have a great holiday weekend! 

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2 thoughts on “Friday Film Recommendations: May 28th

  1. I agree about Up. That one montage is so heartbreaking but also one of the best overall scenes I saw in any movie in the last ten years. Just perfectly done.

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