New Poll: Favorite Summer-ish Horror Movie/Series

Summer time is approaching and all I can think about is what movies should I watch to get me in the mood for summer. It’s been a while since I’ve updated the polls so I thought I’d ask what’s your favorite summer-ish movie? 

For me it’s a tie between the Sleepaway Camp series and of course Friday the 13th series. Sleepaway camp is such a summer lovin’ classic but where would Jason be if he didn’t go to a summer camp? (The answer is, “alive”) 

The Burning is also spiffy and Jaws, well Jaws is beyond amazing but I gear it more to a Fourth of July kinda film than an overall summer movie. But hey, to each their own. 

So folks, vote for you fave, and post anything I might have forgotten.

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2 thoughts on “New Poll: Favorite Summer-ish Horror Movie/Series

  1. I'm sort of drawn here. For series my vote is for Friday The 13th. But for movie I have to go with Jaws. Not sure how to vote in this one. *head explodes*

  2. For series, I'm voting Friday the 13th. Sleepaway Camp is great, but as a whole the Friday series is better. As a standalone film, that's tough. I love Jaws, but am partial to The Burning. I feel like slashers are the way to go for summertime horror fun.

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