Splice Review

Tonight I went to the screening of the upcoming scifi psychological thriller Splice. 

There were many things that piqued my interested about this movie. The trailer alone was intriguing enough by just showing a bit of the creature known as “Dren” Later on I found out that the writer/director Vincenzo Natali was also the same man behind the insanely awesome Cube. I didn’t need anything else to sell me. 

Splice is a modern day Frankenstein story about Clive and Elsa, two rebellious scientists breaking ground in genetic splicing. They have successfully spliced different animal DNAs but their goal is to find a compound that will one day cure diseases. 

Elsa, being the most determined of the duo, takes things a step further by splicing human DNA with an animal’s DNA. What starts off as a curiosity fulfillment veers into ethical territory when the creature composite “Dren” is born into the world. 

Elsa’s focus on science draws her to see what she can learn from Dren but her maternal instincts takes over and the science project becomes a mother/daughter experience. Clive’s devotion to Elsa blurs the very large line between right and wrong. Clive knows that Dren shouldn’t exists and he feels that she is a mistake but he also see Elsa in a mothering nature that he was not ready to provide for her. 

As Dren gets older (aging days by the minute) she becomes more aware of herself and how powerful she truly is beyond her limitations. Elsa and Clive keep her a dirty little secret hidden away from the world, which makes her crave a taste of the outside even more. It’s then when things become more out of control and violent and the turn of events become unsettling and well, fucked up is the nice way to put it. 

Splice is a splice of humor, ick factor and a beautiful sadness. As a viewer, I could connect with every character. Elsa had her heart-felt love, Clive’s sympathetic manner and Dren’s child-like wonder. Towards the end the characters hit different directions that may either throw the audience off or disturb them deeply. Or both at the same time. 

I hate to think that this may not be well received amongst the general public but I thought it was a great and fantastically twisted! 

Splice hits theaters on June 4th. Go see it! 

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