Friday Film Recommendations: May 14th

Happy Friday everyone! Ready for some cool movies to add to your XBox, Wii’s Tivos and so on. The answer is yes!

Graduation Day

Just in time for graduation time. 

A track runner dies of a heart attack and suddenly her friends on the track team start dying off. A fun little bad movie and horror hounds will love that Linnea Quigley is in it. Or at least I did. 

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Paranormal Entity

A poor man’s Paranormal Activity. On the same realm of P.A. a family is haunted by a spirit. The document the events surrounding one deadly night. Even though it’s almost the same movie, I still kind of dug it a little. 

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I was really looking forward to this movie when it came out. Not only do I love Adam Green but the premise of this movie intrigued me. I always that mother-child bond thing and how unbreakable is it even when morals are in questions. I didn’t like the direction the movie went in towards the end but I did still enjoy it.

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Non Horror Pick: The Brother From Another Planet

 This John Sayles flick is about an alien slave from another planet comes to Earth to find his place in this world. I caught this at a Scifi fest last year and really enjoyed it.

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Mythbusters: Collection 1

You know all that stuff you seen on tv but aren’t supposed to try at home. Well these guys try those things out…on tv! I love all the things they guys pull off on this show. 

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The Devil’s Rejects

I’m not afraid to admit that I completely hated House of 1000 Corpses. I thought it was poop and I wasn’t interested in seeing this at all until a fellow horror fan talked me into it. I thought I’d get it a chance and well, I really liked it. I thought the characters were better developed and the story held up. Zombie needs to stick to stuff like this and stay the hell away from Halloween. 

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Saw IV Director’s Cut

As the next Saw installment is in the works, nothing like catching up with the others right? 

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Have a great weekend ya’ll.

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