Friday Film Recommendations: May 7th

Happy Friday Ya’ll. Time to add some awesome movies to your queue or check out the latest on FearNet. Here goes it: 

Love Object

As a fellow geek I get the whole socially awkward thing and I know that meeting quality people can get tough  but I just don’t get sex dolls. Yeah I can see they are a step up from icky hookers and it’s a flat one time rate for all access fun but still. Bleh.

Tech Writer Kenneth decides that if he’s not going to balls up and ask out the new hot temp, he’s going fork out a lot of money for a fancy doll to release his sexual build up. The doll “Nikki” (not to be confused with me for I am “Nicki”) gives Kenneth the confidence he needs to improve his work performance and to help him win over the temp. Once things go great for him, Nikki turns into a jealous psycho bitch and tries to ruin Ken’s shit. Yeah, she’s still a plastic doll. Chicks, man. 

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I was very thrilled to see this hit up the Watch Inst list. I absolutely love this movie. I’m a big fan of unconventional love stories and this one is quite different from the rest. 

When a devoted priest gives himself up to be tested for a deadly virus, he gets a blood transfusion that turns him into a..dun dun dunnn… vampire! While juggling the moral compass of feeding off of humans and banging his childhood acquaintance’s wife, the priest has to deal with what’s right and fucked up love. 

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Omen  IV The Awakening

Kind of weak sauce compare to the other films (and maybe I’m just bias cause I thought Damien in part 2 was kinda hot) but it’s a decent generic movie so no harm in checking it out. 

The story is the same as the rest only this time…it’s a devil girl! I take pride in knowing that this movie recognizes the fact that a girl spawn of Satan can do some serious damage as well. So take that! 

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Angel: Season 1

I’m a major Buffy fan and though I think the show Angel started off kind of lame, shit got real later on during the following seasons. So if you got an hour, check out Angel from the beginning if you want to check this show out and the other seasons are available as well. 

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The Machinist 

My non-horror pick of the week. When this came out, I heard a lot of buzz on how awesome Christian Bale is and how he got so skinny and stuff. I knew at the time that if any actor wastes away for a role, people automatically think it’s brilliant. So yes, I was skeptical to how awesome this movie was till I actually watched it. I didn’t see this till maybe 2 years ago and I was more fascinated with the fact that Brad Anderson, writer/director of Session 9, one of my favorites, did this. Well, Bale’s appearance had nothing on his fantastic performance. I was pretty blow away and the end left me unsettled yet sad. 

So anyways, Trevor Reznik hasn’t slept in a year. The mental and psychical deterioration takes a toll on his life as he struggles to deal with reality.   

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Dance of the Dead

I thought I’d throw this recommendation in for prom season. I do believe a lot of my readers are beyond high school but meh, fuck it. Zombies at a high school dance. That’s all you really need in any movie. 

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Shivers (They Came From Within)

Croneberg’s feature about a scientist unleashing a sexual transmitted parasite amongst the residents in his building. The folks get all sexed up and crazy-like then madness ensues. Good times. 

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Have a great weekend! 

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2 thoughts on “Friday Film Recommendations: May 7th

  1. +JMJ+

    The Love Object trailer actually hooked me! It sounds like a great blend of Psychological Thriller and Horror movie . . . and kind of reminds me of Stephen King.

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