Friday Film Recommendations: April 30th

Happy Friday Ya’ll. This week I’ve been covering Nightmare on Elm St. stuff and now I’m back to the usual so here’s this week’s FFR. 

Nightmare On Elm Street

What better way to wrap up my Nightmare on Elm St week with suggesting everyone watch the original. The film that started it and will be a big reference point for everyone going on to see the remake. If you are planning on seeing it, watch the original before you head out the door. 

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The Fly II

The love child of Seth Brundle and Veronica has been born and grew up (very fast) to be an uber science geek as well. He tries to figure out the whole Pod business but ends up going through the same transformation. A weak sauce follow up but still somewhat ok. 

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The Evil Dead

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Evil Dead but watching it! I know a lot of theaters are playing it around certain cities and such but if it’s not at yours, hey don’t cry. Just pretend you’re in the theater when you’re watching here. I won’t tell. Ok, I will but there’s not much you can do about it sucker!

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Non Horror Pick: Peggy Sue Got Married

When I see people online talk about time travel movies, I never see anyone list this one. Well, this is like my favorite of fave time travel movie. 

Peggy Sue is going to her high school reunion and recovering from her soon-to-be divorce from her high school sweetheart Charlie. She passes out at the reunion and wakes up back to her original high school days only smarter and wiser. She’s still dating Charlie and gives him shit for being a loser in the future. Peggy has the chance to change her life and make her future different. 

Good times. 

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Roswell: Season One

Got an hour? Back in the day when I was madly in love with WB teen shows (this was in my college years so I have no excuse for myself) I used to love this little show. Teen aliens are stuck on early trying to live amongst us human folk. When one of the aliens heals a girl he’s had a crush on, shit goes down and he depends on her to keep his secret safe. The show goes on for 3 season so you know people end up finding out and shit goes down a lot. Out of all the seasons, this one is the best and my favorite. 

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The Children

I’m not a big fan of kids so it’s movies like these that make me punch myself in the crotch to make sure no kids come out. I’d like to think if little fuckers were coming at me, I could handle it but I just want to be safe. 

During a Christmas vacation, sick children start turning on their parents like Cujo-style. 

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Seventh Moon

A few people suggested this to me and since it was available on FearNet OnDemand I thought I’d check it out before writing this. Because of my tv and such it was a hard to watch but it did seem really interesting so I’ll give it another shot on a better day and ya’ll can check it out too. 

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Have a good weekend! 

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2 thoughts on “Friday Film Recommendations: April 30th

  1. I love Peggy Sue Got Married! I think I can blame it for starting my Nic Cage crush, which for some reason I am ashamed of. Probably a good reason.

  2. 1) Syrin, I'm sad to say, but I do believe you should be at least a little ashamed…

    2) I've been meaning to see Evil Dead for a long, long time now, but now that it's on Netflix….let's just say Imma bout to get my Bruce Campbell fix.

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