Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

It’s been three years since Freddy’s Dead and another sequel is released into the world.  This one is different than the rest because this time everything is real!  (but not really)

New Nightmare broke a wall that was new to my little 13 year-old mind. I was seeing actors playing themselves in a movie where they were themselves playing themselves but yet still acting. Like, whoa. 

Heather Langenkamp returns to play herself. A mother of a young boy, a wife to a special effects artist and a victim of a Freddy-loving stalker. Her husband is secretly working on the new Freddy project Wes Craven has in store. A line is crossed when reality and film world intertwine to bring Freddy not Robert Englund into our world. 

I’m a little sadden that no one has yet to vote for this on my fave Nightmare movie. I know it doesn’t compare to the original or Dream Effin’ Warriors but I still dug it as a stand alone from the rest of the series. I love that Freddy was this whole new entity and that Heather had to step into her role as Nancy to end him. She was living the script of the movie we were all watching. Wrap your mind around it folks. Wrap it! 

Best Kill:

Julie: The New Tina

Julie, the babysitter is trying to keep Dylan awake. It doesn’t quite work and Freddy appears to kill Julie. What I dug about this is, what we couldn’t see Freddy do to Tina, we see visible in this kill. 

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7 thoughts on “Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

  1. I like this one a lot, but that little kid ruins it for me. I can't stand him.

    In fact, if I ever turn evil, my blog will become “KidsWho'veRuinedMoviesforMeWhomIWanttoPunt.blogspot.com” and I'll start it with this kid.

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