Nightmare on Elm St 4&5: The Dream Master/Child

Well folks today is the day I attempt to finish the series. I got exciting news this morning that I will be attending a screening of the remake tomorrow night! Woot. 

So now I’m doubling up on 4&5 which I’ve watched last night/this morning. Here goes:

Nightmare on Elm St. 4: The Dream Master

The surviving Dream Warriors are let back into society and living a semi-normal life as high schoolers. Kincaid and Joey are chill but Kristen still has lingering feelings of Freddy’s return. When the others brushed her off, of course, Freddy returned and killed off the disbelievers.

 Kristen is left and learns from her friend Alice how to control her dreams. When Kristen tries to dream of sunshine and sand, Freddy says “oh hell no girl, it’s back to the boiler room for you!” Kristen pulls Alice into her dream which gives Freddy an opportunity to mooch off a new group of sleep easy teens. We lose Kristen and Alice gains the role as the new heroine. 

Alice is a shy girl who day dreams of boning hottie jock Dan, telling her father where he can stick and other such things. As Alice’s friends die, she picks up an useful trait they possessed (except for the nerd chick, she only offered the “mind over matter” business) 

Alice gains the strength to fight Freddy and gets back the souls of her friends. Freddy is dead (for now) and Alice gets to live her dream of boning Dan and getting her dad into A.A. Good job Alice. 

Best Kill:

The Roach Motel

Ya’ll, I’ve seen this movie quite a few times and this scene still makes me want to barf all up in this place. I don’t think this was what Kafka had in mind when he wrote The Metamorphosis. 

So Work out Barbie- Deb, hates bugs so Freddy turns into a full-on roach and then he reduces her to goo. Ew.  

Nightmare on Elm St. 5: The Dream Child 

Maybe I was a little harsh on Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge. The Dream Child is also crap. Revenge had a rockin’ pool party

So Alice is free from Freddy dreams and her and Dan are boning as predicted. Alice ends up all knocked up and shit and dun dun dunnn her child is dreaming of Freddy. Freddy wants to be reborn again through her child so he can join the real world. Again. Plot sound familiar? The same down fall as the second film. 

Alice goes through the same thing again when her friends die and so does her dear Dan. She balls up again to defeat with the help of the spirit of his mom. Freddy is defeated (oh yes, again) and Alice goes on with her life and new un-evil baby. 

Maybe I don’t like this one as much because for one, Freddy stop trying with the re-birthing business. You haunt dreams from beyond the grave, stick to what you know. And two, the wrapped up happy ending. Alice does not continue on in the other series so I’m a little annoyed that we had to lose Nancy and Kristen and yet Alice gets to prance around living just because she’s a mom. Weak! 

Best Kill:

Greta Grub

Greta’s over bearing weight watcher mother haunts her nightmares and causes Greta to be stuffed to death. Nom Nom Nom. 

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