Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

This installment is very special to me. Not only was it my first 3-D movie but it was the first Nightmare movie I’ve seen in theaters. Good times. 

When this came out, the title let us know, Freddy was going to be dead fo sho so we finally got a real back story and we found out he had a kid. 

Freddy liked to knock around his wife and when his daughter told on him, she was sent away. Freddy decided to get revenge by killing other people’s kids. Full circle. During his fiery death he cut a deal to be a dream demon so he could continue killing. Ok not the best of stories but better than his quest to be reborn. 

The thing I liked about this movie was that we got to see the people person Freddy once was. He was a family man, ok a bad one, but still. I’m a fan of a genuine back story and that’s what I’m crossing my fingers for in the remake to do justice on his story. I want to know more about the man behind the burns. I always related to him on a level because I don’t like kids either but I love just getting a sense of his life before death. 

Best Kill:

I have to give this one to Freddy himself. Now with 2 other films and a remake following this one, it may not have been his final death but it was an important death.  His daughter was the one to finish him off which is symbolic and also it was in 3-D and shit! Here’s the final minutes of the movie. 

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