Nightmare on Elm Street: The Beginning

So in preparation of the Nightmare remake coming this Friday, I’m taking a look back to all the movies in the Nightmare series. Starting off with the first  movie, Nightmare on Elm St

We’ve all had nightmares before in our lives and took comfort in knowing that we would wake up and everything would still right with the world. For the kids on Elm St. waking up was not always an option. 

Blood thirsty, justice-seeking parents tracked down child killer Freddy Krueger and set his ass on fire.They kick back to the thought of knowing their neighborhood and children are safe but little do they know, Krueger’s still killing them in their dreams. 

Nancy Thompson blows the lid off Krueger’s operation when she discovers that yeah so he can kill her in her dreams but she can grab his ass out of dream land and fuck his shit up. 

Nancy became an iconic survival girl in the horror genre. Her dad cop didn’t believe her enough to help her catch Freddy and her boyfriend was effin’ falling asleep the whole time so she ballsed up, Home Alone proofed her place and was able to kind of defeat Freddy. (Craven wanted the movie to end on a happy note but we got an ending that opened the way to the other sequels. Though it seems like Nancy would have been killed by the way it ended in the car maybe, we know in Dream Warriors, she’s just dandy and alive…well…) 

Regardless, while little girls my age we looking up to Tiffany and Debbie Gibson, Nancy was my hero. 

For this being the first Nightmare movie, we got a sense of who Freddy was before he turned into the jokester, funny guy in the other movies. As much as I’ve chuckled at his silly punnies and creative deaths, it wasn’t until New Nightmare that I realized how much I’ve missed his simple sinister side. But more on that when I’ve reached New Nightmare

Best Kill: 

It’s a toss up between Tina and Glen’s bedroom demise. No one can say that Tina’s ceiling struggle wasn’t frightening. It initially started the impact of how merciless Freddy’s kills were but it was our first exposure to a Freddy kill so that’s pretty damn special.  

Glen’s death on the other hand was a bloody nightmare (hehe) The geyser of blood shooting out of the bed is a cinematic classic and probably one of the most memorable scenes ever. Oh and Johhny Depp’s little half shirt didn’t help his chances to stay a live either. I’m just saying. 

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5 thoughts on “Nightmare on Elm Street: The Beginning

  1. Great post! Glad you're revisiting them. Not a bad idea actually. I plan on watching the first one soon myself. Possibly tonight. I love all of them but the first one will always be my favorite.

  2. Excellent post, a good idea to revisit the originals too before the crushing disappointment of the remake.

    The first is up there as my favourite, closely followed by the third. Looking forward to you filling in the rest too.

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