Friday Film Recommendations: April 23rd

Happy Friday ya’ll. Ready to queue up your Tivos, XBoxs and now Wii’s. Sure you are. Here’s this week’s FFR. 

While She Was Out

Della decides to take a break from her abusive husband and house wifey duty to leave the house for a while and do some shopping. Della carelessly leaves a “your parking job sucks!” (not really her exact words) on a beat up car taking up two spaces, she later learns that it wasn’t such a great move. A group of thugs wait for her to give her shit for the note and the encounter leads to a dead security guard and Della fleeting for her mundane life. Della hits an “eff this ess” point and decides to fight back. Yeah! 

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Cube 2: Hypercube

If you haven’t seen the first one, I’d recommend it seeing it before this one just to get the idea of what’s going on and such.  

Eight strangers find themselves in a cube-shaped room. None of them know why they are there but they have to go through a series of room to reach safety. Some rooms are rigged to cause them brutal, deadly harm and other rooms are chill. It’s almost like Saw but the rooms are dirty-lookin’ and it’s more scifi-y then straight up horror. 

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The Hills Have Eyes Part 2

I wanted to throw in a cheesy movie because would would life be like without some cheese. Lame is the answer. So just so we’re clear, this is the original part 2 not the remake. Can’t tell you which one is better though. I can’t remember if I’ve actually seen this in the entirety or if I just watched some of it and thought “dude, what the hell am I watching?” There’s also the good chance I’ve seen the whole thing and just blocked it out. Anyway, in the mood for some good badness, go ahead and watch. 

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Non-Horror Pick: Beavis and Butthead Do America

Remember when MTV used to play videos 95 percent of the time then for the other 5 percent showed cool ass shit like Daria, Dead at 21, Liquid Television, and the beloved gem Beavis and Butthead? No? Pfft, you’re too young. I miss those days of Alternative Nation, Headbanger’s Ball and 120 Minutes, but yet I still keep on living.

Anyway, Beavis and Butthead Do America jam packs the greatness of the show into a movie. Score! 

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Dollhouse Season One

Got an hour? Catch up on the Joss Whedon’s scifi show. Whedon has crap luck when it comes to awesome shows doing well on networks but meh, the guy still rules. I tried to watch some of these and had trouble getting into it but I think maybe I’ll give it another spin. 

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Maximum Overdrive

This movie frighten me as a child. It wasn’t because I believed that electronics would come to live and try to kill me or a soda machine would beam my softball team to death but it was those trucks. The devil truck to be specific. To this day in my very much adult life, that thing gives me the wiggins. Electronics want to take me on, bring it! If that truck even looks at me, I’d need to change my pants. 

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Not one of Romero’s most greatest movies but I remember that one time I saw it way back when that one time, I thought it was pretty decent. 

A guy wakes up with no face (a white mask in its place) and he thinks, hey, no one knows who I am, I’m going to start breakin’ shit! Ok, he doesn’t start breakin’ shit but he takes revenge on those who have wronged him! Dun dun dunnn. 

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Have a great weekend folks! 

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One thought on “Friday Film Recommendations: April 23rd

  1. Yay for Beavis and Butthead!! Ha!

    I know a lot of people sort of put Bruiser down but I always liked it. I think it's worth checking out and glad you have it on your list this Friday.

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