Poll: Favorite Nightmare Movie

Ok folks, it’s been a while since I’ve update the poll and for this next week I’ll be focusing on one topic… Nightmare on Elm St! 

Last year I watched all the Friday the 13th movies to hype myself up for the remake and starting today I will be going through the whole Nightmare series in time for the remake.

So here’s the question I put upon you in poll form. What’s your favorite Nightmare movie? It’s a hard choice for me, the first one opened the dream gates to the character we know and love, Motherfuckin’ Dream Warriors is effin’ great and New Nightmare brought Freddy back to the dark uncomical side.  Toughie. 

Well vote and stay tuned for my reviews and such. 

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One thought on “Poll: Favorite Nightmare Movie

  1. You know, I actually enjoyed every entry in the Nightmare series (well, except Part 5). Maybe it's because the excuse to indulge in surrealistic imagery distracted from the lack of decent characters or coherent storylines. I even liked the universally reviled Part 6. Sure, wise-crackin' Freddy was way over the top but the film had some pretty inventive dream sequences and the off-kilter tone was just engaging enough to make it a satisfying experience.

    Quality is important but weird goes a pretty long way with me.

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