Midnight Warriors: My Midnight Showing Choice

The very awesome Mike at the very awesome From Midnight, With Love blog came up with a new spiffy, thought-provoking idea of Midnight Warriors. I love it when my thoughts are provoked so I jumped on this. Mike is posing questions on to us Warriors about movie related thing and is looking for our answers and opinions and such. So if you want to join in, DO IT! You can post a blog post like I am currently doing to answer the question or you can email Mike directly at frommidnightwithlove@gmail.com 

So here’s the first question 

You’ve been given the opportunity to host a midnight showing of any genre/cult film you want, and are sure to have a great crowd of like-minded fans who will join in. What’s the one movie you’re going to pick, and why?

My choice would be Tod Browning’s Freaks. 

One of my top five favorite movies ever, and my favorite “on the big screen” experience.

 There is so much that I love about this fantastic film. The plot is some what simple, a chick uses a guy for his money while screwing around with another guy; but it’s the surrounding setting and character that makes this story more unique. 

The girl is quite stunning and all normal-like, the rich guy is a midget running a sideshow and the other guy is “the world’s strongest dude,” another non-freak. Once the other sideshow freaks catch on to what the chick has going on, they won’t stand for it (especially the dude with no legs, cause you know, he can’t stand. Har har) so they get revenge on the normies! 

It may be far-fetched to say I can completely relate to the freaks in the film but I still felt for them. They got a raw deal but glamorized it and made the damn best of their situation and hell, a couple of bucks among the way. Sure the bearded lady could have shaved and led a normal life but for all we know, she could be the main reason why beards are so hot these days. Trend setter! 

No matter what their issue was, they came together as a family and embraced societies disgust for their abnormalities. They were a family and they were the ones that allowed the normal lookin’ folk to join in their reindeer games. I love the strong presences of family sticking together and the whole one-for-all vibe.

When I saw this in the theater, I was so in awe that for one, I was seeing this on the big screen and two, I was able to see it with a group of horror loving folk. I would love to have that experience again with other horror loving folks and even better if a few people haven’t seen this yet. I would love to be the one opening them up to that. Good times. 

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6 thoughts on “Midnight Warriors: My Midnight Showing Choice

  1. As you know, I love your tastes and definitely of your choice for a midnight screening. It is a great film that I've shown a couple of people as well.

    My choice would be Manos: The Hands Of Fate. It's the perfect mix of cheesy plot, bad acting and bad dubbing without being a Godzilla sequel. It is the worst film ever made and because of that, one of the funniest films ever made. As we speak, I loaned it a friend to watch since she likes bad films. There's really not much worse than Manos.

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