The Horrors of Pot Smoking

Today is April 20th, 4/20 AKA The Stoner’s Holiday.

Via Twitter I see a lot of folks jumping in on the whole 4/20 thing and so on. If you’re all about smoking pot then good for you. This is a narc free zone BUT fair warning, there are some down sides to hanging out with Mary Jane. 

Check out this list of cautionary tales…

 Reefer Madness: The Musical

There’s a character that has some major mojo munchies which causes him to want to eat people! Dun dun dunnn

It’s one thing to eat an entire turkey but it’s another thing when you have to have human flesh. 

 Scary Movie 2

In all the Scary Movie movies, Shortly is known as the resident pot smoker. In the second movie, the hunter becomes to hunted. Or basically the toker gets smoked.

A gynormus blunt rolls Shorty up and starts smokin’ him.

Lesson to learn- don’t smoke pot in a haunted house!

 Meet the Applegates

A family of bugs disguised as humans try to blend into American society in order to destroy their power plants and save the bug race. The family falls into typical American problems. The mom is obsessed with shopping, the dad is mixed up in an affair, the daughter is all knocked up and shit and young Johnny falls into the wrong crowd of pot smokers! Once Johnny has a bad trip with his junkie friends, he reveals his inner bug to them and well, Johnny must get rid of them. 

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake

Kids road tripping to go to a concert have a huge stash of the green in their van. Two have plans on selling and making a different kind of green but oops, they run into a crazy cannibalistic family. Had the kids stuck on the straight and narrow road (and maybe not picked up the hitch hiker) they would still be alive today. 

Friday the 13th Remake

Same thing as TCM, kids go out in the woods to go camping while two plan on finding lots of pot to sell and be rich. Jason gets in the way of their big find and well, kills them. Had the kids picked another reason and location to camp, they would also be alive. 

 Evil Bong

Definitely an ultimate pick for this list. It’s about a evil bong. Come on, it’s about a bong, that’s evil. The two combined can’t be a good mix! 

 Idle Hands

Anton wants nothing more to do with his days but get dazed. His slacker stoner plans get interrupted when his hand is possessed and he’s forced to do evil things.l Anton’s high times lifestyle made him the perfect candidate for the possession. 

So it doesn’t matter if you’re a straight edger or you don’t remember the last time your were sober. You enjoy these flicks while taking note of the do’s and don’t of pot smoking! 

Happy tokin’ 

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