Friday Film Recommendations: April 16th

Happy Friday Ya’ll! Before getting into this week’s FFR, I just wanted to mention to any Wii owners that you can now stream Watch Instantly movies on your Wii…. Weeeeeeee! Order the free disc on the Netflix site. Ok now on to movies. 

Bubba Ho-Tep

One of my favorite Bruce Campbell roles after Evil Dead of course. 

Bruce plays Elvis who is stuck in a nursing home with J.F.K. The two battle an Egyptian entity feeding off of old people. This is a great one.  

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Cronenberg’s The Fly 

On the short list of remakes that rule, this one rules. Nothing like the original which makes this quite original and it’s pretty gross too. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen this, the goop and the finger nail coming off still makes me want to vomit in my Cheerios. 

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Even though I own this movie, I was so damn thrilled to see it listed on Instant Watch. This movie is pretty mind-bending amazing. Sam Rockwell is brilliant. I’m hoping that people who have put off seeing this or aren’t sure if they would dig it, now have the option to try it out for free. Do it! You can thank me later. 

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Mullholland Dr. 

So I saw this when it first came out and I remember not really getting it. I know there was a box in there somewhere *insert lesbian themed joke here* Well, guys, you can enjoy some hot girl-on-girl action and for the rest of us, we can ponder what exactly was up with this movie. Hmmm. 

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Non Horror Pick: Drop Dead Fred 

Aw, I showed this movie at my first slumber party. Even though I was like 8, I kind had a thing for Fred. He was goofy, vile and funny. 21 years later and that’s pretty much what I’m looking for in a man. I think it’s supposed to be a kid’s movie but fuck it, I think anyone at any age can enjoy this. I may just feel that way because I’m childish but meh, you decide. 

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This week is a Darren Lynn Bousman double feature. 

Repo! The Genetic Opera

A cult classic. If you haven’t seen Repo! You need to see Repo! I love the premise, the gore, the drama and oh the singing. The singing is great. When I about to see this for the first time, I totally forgot Paris Hilton was in this and it’s weird to say this butttttt, she was actually not bad. Don’t believe me? Well watch it and let’s throw down! 

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Saw II: Director’s Cut

This is not a bad one out of the series. I felt the end was a bit predictable but it was still nicely done and creative death scenes have always been my thing so, with that I’d suggest this. (of course seeing the first one is kind of important too.) 

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Have a good weekend. Don’t forget to enter the The Stuff stuff contest. I’ll announce the winner on Saturday or first thing Sunday morning. 

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