Scream 4: I Effin’ Knew It!

So a few weeks ago when the official news of Scream 4‘s production and release date dropped, I jump on some conclusions/expectations I have for number 4… HERE.

Well folks, as it turns out my craziest prediction may come true. My #3 on the return of Randy is a rumored possibility. Read Here. 

Jamie Kennedy’s character Randy Meeks is the perfect example of us horror geeks. We’ve watched enough horror movies to know the rules and we love to verbally spooge out our nerdy knowledge to our uncaring friends. I honestly don’t care if we get Randy’s ghost, an equally horror-nutty twin brother “Andy” or even if a Ouija board is used to contact his spirit. I’ll be happy girl to get some Randy action going on in the new movie any which way I can get it! 

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7 thoughts on “Scream 4: I Effin’ Knew It!

  1. It'll be neither. It'll turn out that she went to a coma after sleeping with Billy in the first film which means that the sequels were just a dream. She'll wake up 15 years later with Randy sitting by her side the whole time. That is until Billy jumps through the window and kills them both because he never really died.

  2. Not sure what to expect but at this point I either want a really cool film or a walk down memory lane. If it's one of those (if not both) then I will be happy.

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