Film Wise # 479

So last week I post the Film Wise Invisible Quiz thingy. And today the answers we posted here.

I knew #2 and #3 for sure and I guessed #1 and #6. I was told I only got 3 right but for #1 I guessed Twilight because it was in the woods and that’s where teen vamps like to hang out. It’ was technically Twilight: New Moon so I didn’t get the point for it but damnit, I should have at least got a .05 or something. Ok, maybe because it’s Twilight I shouldn’t care but still. I did get Man With Two Brains right because I effin’ love that movie so I’m proud on that guess. 

Moving on. Here’s this week invisible people movie shots

Again, I scored a 3/8. Wa-wa. I’m killing myself because I know that I know #2 but I can’t place it. I need a face! I’m ashamed to admit that I knew what # 3 was and #5 I was 90 percent sure on and #8 is kinda obvious. Ok folks, take a shot and let’s compare notes. 

5 thoughts on “Film Wise # 479

  1. 6 is Bachelor Party.

    I'm still stuck on the rest. I assume 4 is a Harry Potter thing, but I don't know those movies.

    Also, I was CERTAIN 7 is The Exorcist, but it is not. I swear that is the scarfything Ellen Burstyn wore. But it's not working.

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