FilmWise: Invisible Quiz

Ok folks, in an attempt to post more often during my hectic schedule and also to keep you on your feet, I decided to throw in some movie trivia for you. All of us movies fans love ourselves some trivia right? Well, on the site FilmWise, they do a weekly quiz showing shots from movies, only taking out faces of the characters. Sounds scary but really it’s not bad. So if you have nothing better to do, check out the site HERE  try to answer as many as possible then we wait a week to find out if you were right. 

Ok starting off, I’ll post my thoughts I took a guess at #1 and #6 , I know #2 and #3 for sure. I know I’ve seen #5 before but I can’t place it. But in total I scored a 3/8. Wa-wa.  

Feel free to post your guesses on so on…  

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