Poll Closed: Possible First Contest! Woah!

Well folks, the Larry Cohen poll ended, and with 63 percent of the votes, The Stuff was the winner of favorite Larry Cohen movie. 

So the reason why I made that a poll is because I’m meeting Larry Cohen this weekend *girly dance.* I will be attending the yearly Sci-fi Spectacular here in Chicago.  So I’m inspired to attempt my very first contest. Depending on the vendors and if Mr. Cohen is offering up 8×10 or something, I would like to get a The Stuff item, have it signed, then give it away to one of you lucky folks. Eh? Eh? 

At this point I’m winging this idea because I don’t know what will be there and since Mr. Cohen is featuring Q: The Winged Serpent at the event, there maybe those mini posters there. Either way, if not The Stuff, I will get something signed by him and bestow it on a lucky reader. Stand by for further confirmation sometime on Sunday. 

In the meantime, any Chicago folks with nothing to do this weekend, come on down to The Music Box Theatre for 14 hours of Sci-fi  movies, great trailers *cough Distortion trailer cough* and other awesomeness stuff. 

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7 thoughts on “Poll Closed: Possible First Contest! Woah!

  1. I'm a huge fan of The Stuff and that is a great contest idea. However, I can only imagine Cohen's line being pretty long if he is doing autographs, so I would suggest trying to get there as early as possible. I wish I could go!

  2. Matt- My friends and I have a system. When we feel the Q&A wrapping up, we go jump in line. At these things the longest we ever had to wait in line was for Clive Barker and even that wasn't too bad of a wait.

    Mike- You have until Saturday to win the lotto.

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